Dozhinki: effects after prazdnichkom

Folk celebrate peremptory show?
Today prazdnichek Rechitsa cost approximately 200 billion rubles. For comparison — at 10 past "Dozhinki" put together the budget had spent about 155 billion
Head of serious construction Rechitskoye Executive Committee Gennady Sirotko states that no problems with the financing of this year was not:
"We all rasplyanavali, calculated, and if here and there was not enough, took out loans. During the time of" Dozhinki "neither the contractor has not asked a question that he allegedly working without funds. From all sources of funds went, we have for each control, which was being prepared, their amounts were. Namely, the management of serious construction has invested nearly 60 billion rubles. And on September 1 was mastered 75-80 percent in some places. "
First "Dozhinki" in its present form as prazdnichek village workers, occurred in Stolin in 1996. Then lay the whole burden of preparation for the district authorities. Recall that then-national "Dozhinki" is not enough different from ordinary kolkhoz: company officials led by Alexander Lukashenko sit at tables across the bottom of the slope, and artists singing on the hill. In memory of those still left in the town street "dozhinochnogo."
In 1997 "Dozhinki" passed the bridge, that the Grodno region. Prazdnichek similar happened Stolin. In the bridge is not built an ice palace, administrative buildings facades plastic siding also trimmed.
As the Mosty businessman Victor Zarembyuk those costs with today can not even associate:
"At the station, put the pillars, had light hold on the area. But in the end they were removed and no, we have not waited electrification. A tile, which was then put already all crumbled. Well, the area before the end did not do that: the water is, well. Scene to nedavneshnego time was at the stadium, where "Dozhinki" were, but all shot, nothing. At the moment, as you look, the billion invested. And we have only the main street facades slate they wrought balconies, roof covered here and there a little, here and there a window tint. But only on the main street. As reality show, we have a tenth of that was not there. In Vawkavysk in 2004 has made more sensitive to the "Dozhinki." But also only the central streets and scenes where these concerts. And since nothen there more special was not. "
In 1999 Alexander Lukashenko in connection with a bad year, and in the absence of heroes fighting for collecting canceled prazdnichek in their own country in Shklou. In that year, instead of the planned seven million tons of grain collected only 3.5 million. But next year inhabitants Shklow "Dozhinki" still waited. During those 12 months in Shklou back town hall, built entertainment center and home blocked tiles.
Overview — who curated "Dozhinki"
Since 2000, funding "Dozhinki" enshrined as a separate item of the municipal budget. Coupled with this funding to prazdnichka hooked and businesses. In 2001, the main sponsor of "Dozhinki" Mozyr became a local refinery. A year later, the refinery "Naftan" financed "Dozhinki" in Polotsk.
The inhabitants of those cities where prazdnichkom village workers, noted that an important role in the organization "Dozhinki" plays, which protects the city bureaucrat. In Pruzany "Dozhinki" passed in 2003. Manages local inhabitant, a retired officer Alexander Zharkov:
"We are in charge Prokopovich, Chairman of the State Bank. He himself here, from Pruzany region. And, of course, that the National Bank is making a lot here. In This year built an ice arena. Planned indoor swimming pool. Built again just using Prokopovich, wellness center on Lake Papernya. Erected hydroelectric dam, currently make wind farms. Large garden laid on the European technology, mad money invested.
Our neighborhood in subsidies for the special account, because its own funds to the budget is not enough. Against this background, stubborn rumors stroll: Tipo scion Lukashenko scheduled here on the executive committee chairman. Allegedly, he needs to have somewhere to start a ladder passes — from the local executive committee, later regional. Well, and above. "
In Pruzany rumors of imminent destiny Viktor Lukashenko head of the district administration came from Bobruisk, capital Dazhynki 2006.
In Bobruisk prazdnichka built to the highest in Belarus Ice Palace.
By the way, the inhabitants of the cities where Dozhinki passed, they say that the builders have not long after razyazhzhayutstsa prazdnichkom — correct deficiencies frisky construction.
Because at the moment and in the Ice Palace and Bobruisk Pruzany builders working. » In these sports facilities — leaky roof and windows — the gap.
Follow "Dozhinki" will be held in Orsha. Already, in many places in the town raskurochany asphalt, selected a site for the construction of an ice palace.
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