Early elections in Poland will be held October 21

"So makarom approved a law in parliament dissolution Rechipospolitoy ", — said the speaker of the Sejm Ludwik Dorn, after for the reduction of the term of the parliament voted overwhelming majority of deputies, including and now the ruling party "Law and Justice".
Dissolve parliament — a consequence of the political crisis, which began in July, when the coalition government left the party and Self Defense League of Polish Families. Cabinet Jaroslaw Kaczynski lost most in the Diet, the right to effective work.
"It will be a good lesson for voters who are I think, started a very critical look at the political process and to appreciate more voting weight "- said one of the favorites naikrupneyshim opposition party" plainclothes platform "Bogdan Zdrojewski.
Now hard to predict who will win the next election. Added by recent polls, "Law and Justice" and "platform civilians" have almost similar support — approximately 30% of voters.
As well as the ruling now "Law and Justice", "Civic Platform" very intensively expressed support for democratic change in Belarus. Policy of the party, Bronislaw Komorowski, Robert Tyszkiewicz, Bogdan Klich and other more than once raised issues related to Situation in Belarus, in the Sejm and the European Parliament.
Poland announced premature elections, 9.08.2007

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