Either due to all the requirements of businessmen?

Tsigankov: "Sergey, you usually intensively takes part in various promotions business. Will you go to the current rally in Minsk?"
Balykin "Nope to the rally I will not go, because I will not be in Minsk. But even if would have been in the capital, I would not go to this event. Because I believe that the requirements which are set there, not quite correctly formulated. I personally businessman and absolutely support the demand to abolish the Presidential Decree number 760. Such bans, which he finds no one in a civilized country. But, unfortunately, the entrepreneurs were beaten on the wrong target, and such is the purpose of the Decree № 302 of the unitary development companies. Disseminates information and rumors as if the decree is urging businessmen create such enterprises, people lose the right to the inviolability of the apartment. But all this does not correspond to reality. "
Tsigankov: "That is what businessmen have protested against, but, Your views, they do not need to connect really outrageous things with more or less normal … "
Balykin: "They are not normal. Even 302nd Ordinance — it’s just a bad attempt by the authorities out of the situation that they themselves have made their 760th Decree. It will help a small number of businessmen, and others will not do nothing wrong.
But the main thing — favorites entrepreneurial communities do not pay attention to rather, in order to prove their claims legally and economically. These and enjoy power and official propaganda. They they say that entrepreneurs do not know what to seek and dismiss even reasonable. If the leaders of entrepreneurial organizations instead of wasting time arguing which of them is more successful and able to manage — would try to merge to develop a unified position, and it would have been due — would have more utility.
I support any form of protest and protection their rights, but you need to realize what goal we set. "

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