Either raise pensions children repressed?

Constitutional Court decides have the right to increase pensions kids whose ancestors were unfairly persecuted for political reasons during the 1920-80 years of repression and later rehabilitated. Means increase pensions by 50 per cent from a small old-age pension (currently it is 23 170 rubles).
At the moment, such an increase is obtained rehabilitated repressed, and their children, who were together with them in prison and exile. According to preliminary estimates, about 3 thousand people may qualify for a similar increase in pensions. As said Chairman of the Belarusian public association Victims of Political Repression 1920 80s Leonid Volchok, is not the money faster and moral question.
In the process of the Constitutional Court cited the arguments of the Committee of Belarus State Security, which believes that all kids have repressed monotonous right to increase pensions.
Decision of the Constitutional Court this case will be announced on September 12.
Details of the current court — in this evening air, and later on the website.

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