Elections in Russia: the configurations are not expected

These Duma elections will be held for the first time only in the proportional system. 450 mandates will compete only political parties. More past the 2003 elections were held under a mixed system, half of the deputies elected on party lists, half — by the majority system, which operates, for example, at the moment in Belarus.
Now the Ministry of Justice has published a list of 15 parties, eligible participate in the elections. In Russia rather stringent conditions for registration of parties: must more than 50 thousand people, more than 500 members in more than 45 regions of the country.
In over last year was discontinued operations 19 parties: some self-destructed, some turned into public associations, some were eliminated by the tribunal as unable to fulfill the requirements of the law.
Midst of parties eligible for election — the pro-Kremlin "United Russia" and "Fair Russia", the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party Zhirinovsky rightist alliance and "Apple".
The main problem seems to be very highest electoral threshold for representation in the Duma, it is necessary to get the support of more than 7% of voters.
Such voting formula was recently tested in the parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan, where in the end the pro-Party won 100% of the seats in parliament.
In Russia, such results are not specific. For example, according to a poll by the Levada Center, if elections were held now, for the "United Russia" would give their votes to 59% of voters, 18% would vote for the Communist Party, 9% — for the "Fair Russia" and barely b overcame bar» er LDPR received 7% of the vote. Liberal parties — "Apple" and rightist alliance would get 3% and 1% of the vote respectively.
If rassredotachivanie votes will be the same, and after 3 months, you will be part of the latest Duma is sufficiently similar to today: the arithmetic large part — of "United Russia", in addition — another pro-Kremlin party (now "Homeland", in the next Duma — "Fair Our Homeland "), priklnnym opposition Liberal Democratic Party and as a bit less loyal — in the form of the Communist Party.
During the rating of "Yabloko" and SPS never exceeded 5%, so that if there is no miracle, the Russian pro-Western parties have no chance to get into parliament. So makarom in the Duma will be submitted to both the Kremlin and force antyzahodnitskiya more than he did.
According to experts, the main theme campaign becomes the problem of social justice, the Russian economy is currently under» on the volume, the country has huge amounts of money from oil sales, competitiveness projects more equitable division of the state pie is acute, because there is that divide.

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