Elvis Presley and 30 years after the death of the ruler is

In January 1956, the song "Hotel where razmolachivayutsya heart" in the performance of Elvis Presley took first place in the South American charts. Over the next 18 months, eight more Elvis came on the first line, and his name became known to Worldwide.
Even after 30 years after Elvis Presley’s death proceeds from the sale of its 33 drives and show movies in which he starred, collected about 40 millions of dollars once a year. In the midst of dead performers on this indicator ahead of him only favorite band "Nirvana" Kurt Cobain. Only present day billion discs sold about Elvis — more than though any other singer.
On the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death a day or record company RCA Victor, where he recorded, released a set of 18 CDs spanning the entire car» singing career. In addition, will be published tomorrow in the new video, which still young Elvis sings the song "In the Ghetto", along with his daughter, Lisa-Maria which at the moment 39 years. The voice of Lisa-Marie has been added to the unique recording of Elvis since 1969.
As a child, Elvis was fond negrytsyanskay Gospel music and their records could attract listeners who had never listened to "black" music. He also inspired many Young people, who later became well-known musicians. John Lennon at one point said: "Before Elvis there was nothing."

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