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"Our homeland is not planning to have a nuclear weapon in Belarus. No such plans …. Belarus has its own status, enshrined in the Constitution. On this, I think the question is exhausted."
Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation — in response to a request to comment on an interview with Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov, in which the diplomat hinted at the possibility of placing Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus.
"Belarus — for» joint efforts of European countries in the development of a strong and competitive Greater Europe role nearest non-European partners."
Valery Voronetsky, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus — speaking at an international conference devoted to the European Neighbourhood Policy
"France, Germany and England realized that Belarus — this is not the Russian province, and that we need a different strategy in its relations with Minsk: more contacts and gradual" hollowing out "of the regime, because the previous policy regarding Belarus ended in complete failure."
Gombart Thomas, an employee of the French Institute of Foreign Affairs — in an interview with the Polish newspaper «Dziennik».
"The EU has no way for authoritarian governance Belarus choose what areas to cooperate."
Christian Homan, a spokesman for the European Commission — in an interview with "Freedom" that the European Union will not agree to closer economic cooperation with Minsk in Belarus while not occur progress towards democratization.
"Do not turn into a political thing everyday. We would try here even other hamsters unregistered society."
Attorney — at the trial of the youth activist Ivan Shyla.
"A country that produces people like Ivan, really worthy of freedom. This lovely and very spiritual, and superbly and artistically — how they fight. Felt this kind of faith and power, which is not close to any sight leader at BT nor in the eyes of police chiefs, nor in the eyes of the Youth Union and social teachers, which is now crammed into the hall. "
Paul Seviarynets politician, last political prisoner — in the program "Freedom Night" about the trial of Ivan Shyla Malady and his associates in Soligorsk and Nyasvizh.
"Let us make a great mechanism of oppression, and it should give some results — someone should be punished. At the same time the center of decision-making contains all repressive below, and the center of decision-making turnaround, the abolition of repression, has risen to the level of Lukashenko himself."
Statkevich, politician, last political prisoner — in the program "Morning expertise."
"As for myself I can say that in the last day before the tribunal for me it was a very hard day and night, too, and in the morning it’s a feeling that in fact this is not a tribunal in a criminal case, and the strength exam.’s Clear that exam, I decided to come in formal attire. "
Anastasia Azarko, youth atyvistka doomed this week to fine — in the program "Freedom Night" about the trial of her.
"I wanted to read about the responsibility of the elite. Among all school programs thrown all real Belarusian literature: Bulls Buraukin, Zakonnikau Orlov — our world. And what happens — where our intelligentsia, where protests? Over time, it was a royal notion of honor , which is now completely gone. According to the rules of honor that would dignity helped civilization, Minister of Education, Minister of Culture had to resign, there must be some application writers — but none of that … What is happening with the world This question everyone should ask for themselves. "
Svetlana Aleksievich writer — in the program "Guest on Freedom"
"How do you feel about God?"
Question, this slonimtsev Yuri Masuk KGB officer who figured out does not go in the sovereign Masuk unregistered Christian organizations.

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