End quote: 25.08.2007 — 31.08.2007

"Generally, they just blame scary. We will appeal, as we blame hooliganism. Tipo inscription blasphemed our society. I do not think that the word" Belarus — is sacred! "You can set off as hooliganism. Yet even if they wrote that something is damaged, needs repair. No, they wrote that this hooligan that this inscription we humiliate anyone. Anyway, here are the fears. "
Anastasia Palazhanka, youth activist — on detention Nyasvizh 3 her companions.
"It depends on the level of our political integration, also from those of professionals, diplomats, military: it is necessary, it is possible, when and how. I mean» facilities related to nuclear weapons."
Alexander Surikov, salting of in Belarus — in an interview with the agency "Interfax" in response to the question "Will Our homeland placed on areas of Belarus new military facilities (in connection with the installation of a U.S. air defense in Europe?)".
"There are no plans to place on the terrain of nuclear weapons in Belarus, the Russian Federation no."
Alexander Surikov, salting of in Belarus — in an interview with Itar-Tass, in which he explained his interview to "Interfax".
"Russian salting in Belarus has permitted himself to put it mildly, unfriendly expression in the address of our country. In an interview he stated that Belarus may be placing Russian nuclear weapons. Neither the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the Russian government nor the Russian president did not react this statement did not refute it. Because we conclude that this is the position of the Russian government, the position of the Russian President. In protest against such things in our country we tore portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Belarusian youth chooses Europe selects independent Belarus, and on the east side constantly the threat of independence of our country. "
Afnagel youth activist, one of the organizers of the "European march" — about razryvanne portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"The main mental capacity to kill civilization. Stalin feared men as he read," thinking. "Each day the People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Byelorussian SSR in 1937-38 Berman and Nasedkina somewhere around the 11th call from Moscow and questioned how many were shot, how many were arrested. Thus instructed to arrest people specifically educated. Poets Sergey Prudnikov Grakhovo and Paul, who experienced a nightmare at the time, and remember: the interrogations of detainees consisted typical contract — hand over a 5-educated friends — and you are free … So do thoughtless civilization . "
Leonid Marakov, writer and researcher of the history of Stalinist repression — in response to questions from the audience in the program "Guest on Freedom."
"If any member of the opposition does not own kids in Belarusian-language classes … Where are the people of the BPF, UCP, Gromada — have their own kids are, why they do not achieve, that their kids are taught in Belarusian? No, they quietly sent Russian kids in school. Later there somewhere in Warsaw, Bialystok talk about democracy. "
Oleg Trusov, chairman of the Belarusian Language Society — on the state of the Belarusian-language learning.
"Health is the ladies depending on who is next to her. Loving spouse can even make healthy ailing lady, and vice versa."
Leonid Putyrsky, chief mamolyag Ministry of Health of Belarus — during an online conference on the website of "Freedom".
"Work has started and I think we finish it by October 1. We already know about how to use the right formula that specified in the contract. Awareness and our" Gazprom "on its use should be one hundred percent match … the cost of gas in 2008 led to the end of this year or even until mid-January. "
Purcari Volchuga, deputy head of "Beltransgaz" — about the prospects for harmonization of gas price for Belarus for the next year
"We did not have no dope. Salo! Doping best — fat."
Romuald Klim, a favorite Olympic hammer throw in 1964 and 1968 — in the program "Freedom Night".
"I think that the premise of complete stripping school programs from my texts is not only suspicious character creator, and the works themselves. Emphasized that students studied specifically has historical stories and the novel, first addressed to young readers, which formed the historical and means and national consciousness. imagination in the history of the current government should be very rather short and not be 10 centuries, and only a few decades. Regime even easier to not have to deal with the Belarusians, who feels for a century European history, and with those for whom the story begins with those then, when beer cost 37 cents, and even better with those for whom the starting point of the story in general was 1994. "
Vladimir Orlov, writer — about the exclusion of his works from school textbooks.

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