England will buy 22 modern transport aircraft «Atlas»

England will buy 22 modern transport aircraft
Royal Air Force gave the brand new military transport plane A400M Airbus production office name Atlas («Atlas»). These aircraft will replace older C-130 Hercules, and together with the C-17 and Voyager form the basis of future military transport aircraft of the United Kingdom.

BBC wish to buy 22 aircraft of this type, the first should go into service in 2014. «Atlas» has the ability to transport cargo twice if «Hercules» — 32 tons per klm distancing 4500 — Royal Air Force by providing unparalleled opportunities for the transfer of troops and military equipment around the world. The airplane is able to transport 116 soldiers and armored cars type large Mastiff, carry a huge number of humanitarian goods under the provision of ambulance services. Aeroplan able to sit down and soar unpaved lanes that fundamentally quite topical for evacuation of victims and refugees.

In the UK research and the creation of the A400M aircraft will allow Atlas to provide 8,000 people work.

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