Entrepreneurs demand meeting with Lukashenko

The current rally Minsk city executive committee officially permitted. Policemen was less than political opposition rallies. Strange men in civilian streaming speakers, something recorded and videotaped.
The participants met with applause brightest speech — such as Joan Bolson, that has 4 kids.
In an interview with Radio Liberty businessman explains why came to the rally:
"Rent — 1 million 800 thousand rubles. Tax — 850 thousand rubles. Plus another 56 thousand rubles pension payments. Plus various payments for re-registration. And assistance from the country for my kids do not have any. "
At the rally criticized presidential decree number 760. He restricts those individual entrepreneurs have the right employ close relatives. Entrepreneurs forties eventually have no choice: the ancestors of the elderly, and kids are taught.
VIEW chairman of the Minsk market "Svelta" Sergei Vasilievich:
"Entrepreneurs can simply withdraw from the market. My suggestion regarding the decree number 760: in paragraph 1.1 concerning verbovaniya close relatives, to make configuration. Add that employers could hire up to 3 individuals to work."
At a rally in Minsk were representatives from all regions of Belarus.
Alexander Rabchenya working on Gomel market "Central":
"Economic Committee ablyvykankamu us absolutely does not work. Directly — Elvira Karnitskaya, the committee chairman. Overall, the situation is difficult. We have applied for a rally on September 24. If there is no shift in the change — I’m not saying the abolition — of the decree, that will be very big "Butch". In another way, I did not say that. "
Now that reads on the results of the meeting of businessmen in Minsk chairman public organization "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka:
"Very decent rally., And determines that the national rally — is the people. These people came from the machine, as they say. Now it is up to politicians. Let them decide. "

Sergey chairman of the board for personal business at the Minsk market "Svelta"

Alexander Rabchenya Gomel collected over a thousand signatures businessmen under the requirement to make the configuration in the decree number 760

Burning demands of the protesters

Vote on an appeal to Lukashenka was unanimous

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Now Bangalore rally entrepreneurs, 10.09.2007 • In Minsk on 10 September will be a meeting of businessmen, 6.09.2007

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