Entrepreneurs: strike postponed to October

Sixth August Svetlahorsk protest on the square in front of the executive committee went private traders. From the power they sought to end the confiscation of products controllers fiscal authorities.
Svetlahorsk executive committee leaders have not promised to remedy the situation frisky. Entrepreneurs decided to start the first of September strike.
This — prehistory. And now listen to favorite businessmen Svetlahorsk Anatoly Zmitrovich:
"We decided that the 10-15 cities will now go on strike, it is better to use the month of September to prepare. Because the postponement of the strike, so meet with activists in Belarus, perfectly prepared, and hold a strike in October."
Ask the interlocutor, which is presently the markets of the town?
"Meetings were held Governing municipal structures. And, naturally, it is not profitable to have a difficult situation. Very large resonance. Writes press, web, and it is possible that local bureaucrats got it in the neck for what they do."
In the midst of more than 20 cities, where entrepreneurs supported the intention to strike — the regional center Bridle in the Minsk region. We talk with public activist Victor curvilinear:
"In my personal opinion, the general strike in Belarus should not start. I think little later will become increasingly known what to do further. We are currently preparing together — people who will lose benefits and entrepreneurs to protect their rights . "
In August Bobruisk rallied entrepreneurs. The mood in their present day Lena reported Medvedev, chairman of the committee on defense farm market:
"Our market is afraid to attend. This means that there is no great pressure. Revenue Service itself fears. They do not want to have problems, do not wish to noise. But we are preparing for action. And we go. September 1 But this is unrealistic. We in Minsk will decide when to collect the people. "
Next message Rechitza, that in the Gomel region. Says businessman Oleg Shabetnik:
"Entrepreneurs have wanted, so it came out in October, not in September. Since many of us have paid taxes in advance. In addition, not left the active preparation. "
Commented favorite unregistered "Movement for the Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev
"The idea of the strike is not canceled, it is planned exactly fall. Doing strike on the 1 st, 2-or 3 cities at the moment does not make sense. 760 th Lukashenko’s decree so bad that if we create reality small stocks, only to pinch the power, it will be to the detriment of themselves. "
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