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If the movie ended and the hall of the Great Theatre in Warsaw lit light, the audience cheered the director and other creators of "Katyn story" long applause. Andrzej Wajda took film about the catastrophic fate of the Polish officers were shot, but first disaster showed their families.
"After numerous trial and deliberation, I decided that a film about Katyn can not have theirth goal opening truth about the crime — says Vaida. — Such work already completed historians and politicians. To the modern viewer historical facts may be only the background against which I show people’s lives. My film about Katyn — a story of family, history and expectations dashed hopes for a comeback. In short, it’s a movie about personal grief, which causes even more intense feelings than historical facts. "
For Andrzej Wajda "Post Mort …" has a special meaning — in Katyn was killed by his father. During filming, the director takes also found in the Katyn forest diary 1st of Polish officers, describing the last hours before his execution.
Why Andrzej Wajda not removed before the movie itself?
"I always postponed work on the film, because even after the fall of the communist regime could not believe that it’s here already — says Vaida. — But there was nowhere further delay — this is one of my recent films. And in the end there was a good script and I believe that these heroes can revive the display. "

Andrzej Wajda — during the filming of the movie "Post Mort. Katyn story"

In the film Wajda play star of Polish cinema, also Russian actor Sergei Garmash, who plays NKVD officer.
"For me it is a great honor — to play in the film by Andrzej Wajda — says Garmash. — This movie — Requiem not only for Poles killed at Katyn, and all the victims of repression."
On the order signed March 5, 1940 members of the Politburo of the Communist Party headed by Stalin, the NKVD were shot 22 thousand captured Polish soldiers, police, priests — in including and Belarusian origin.
Poles believe it is a sin of genocide, but the Russian side does not want to admit that it was a genocide.

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