Ernest Sabila: It is the will of God that the spirit rises civilization …

Meeting with the priest Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabil accomplished indoors Company Belarusian schools. Come youth, there are a few older people, see graying head.
Sabila: "I was with their community registered in the apartment, the years have passed, now it has become lawlessness. Lawlessness Why is it that has changed? Mood changed father, and the father has changed. Was Shushkevich, Lukashenko has become …"
Dmukhovskyy: "Why did my father now can not build the church, why people had hunger strike to achieve their rights? "
Ideologue, "Man, who wishes do something contrary, they knocked on this hunger strike. "
Dmukhovskyy: "It is their pastor."
Ideologist: "What’s the difference?’s Not God, it’s pastor."
Reporter: "One of the participants asked why Grodno priest shall hunger strike with the believers, that they were allowed to build a church. Here is a discussion with the participation appeared ideologue Andrei Yarashevich."
Ernest Sabila (left) stands in front of Grodno
After the meeting, the pastor Sabila shared his impressions:
"I beheld the eyes of listeners, and through the eyes of a man knows what was in his heart. And I beheld sincere attention, and because my heart was satisfied. Now I found them — indifferent to the state of society. And it’s gratifying to me, as I previously not beheld beside her associates. Now their 10s, hundreds, thousands of. This is from God, it is not my campaign, it is God’s will that the rising spirit of civilization. "
Reporter: "At a meeting with Ernest Sabil was Markevich. When closed the "chase" and you Mazhejka Paul condemned "for the president’s insinuation," you served time in Asipovichy and you supported Ernest Sabila. Say, what’s your sense of well — if indeed now in a sense that policy lasts and some denominations, churches pressed? "
Markevitch: "Life itself, he Ernest Sabila example — the standard of how it is an infringement, as it is widely practiced in our lives. Question not about history, it is about present day, if the church, which he represents, the law forbade the believers and give heavy fines. We now know, as a struggle for the Catholic church in Minsk. We we see, as is the struggle of the church community and the father of Alexander Shemet in Grodno for construction of the church. It indicates, that discriminate against people on religious affiliation lasts that Belarusians are willing to deprive the soul in order to manipulate them. "

Human rights activists say that religious rights are violated, and now they are arrested, fined. For last year (From summer last year) Of the country also sent more than 25 foreign priests and nuns.

• Repressed shared their experiences with youth, 29.05.2007

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