EU funds first learn bureaucrats

Economist Misha Zaleski data not amazed Accounting Chamber:
"Every organization, if it is created, should work. And every organization people work. And the more they love at work that department, which is called the cash register where and get their wages. Means always get easier.
But to do something for the means — this is how it goes. And if the organization as a fifth wheel in the cart, then you can do and can not do. It is said that 100 years poppy has not begotten, and there was no famine. That’s how they work — earnings mastered by three quarters, and made one of the third part. And who needs it, this work? "
Economist Konstantin Skuratovich notes that within of so-called Allied countries carried out mostly ideological, rather than economic projects:
"I know about the program" Union dyzel "," Allied telly "and others. And I know that they all failed miserably. But there are applets in the field of culture, for example, the publication of magazines. It means rapidly divide and everything comes with success. Practically speaking, the integration in the sphere of ideology is far ahead of the integration in the economy.
A tele-type applets or diesel fail as» sub objects managing Belarus and Russia on Actually have different interests. A while-then jointly plan, but without substantiation tribute. Later, it all goes down slowly on the brakes, and the bureaucrats get their money. And the good news. "
Mike Zaleski says that the idea of the joint Belarusian-Russian production was not real from the outset:
"There is one big illusion to try to plant in the nation. Economy of Russia and Belarus do not complement each other, energoelementov except Russian, and are rivals: MAZ and KAMAZ, "Hero" and "Ruby", uladimerski Minsk tractor and tractor. And there are a huge number of examples. These are balanced economy. And specifically it stops creation of a union tele tractor, car, etc. . "
The Accounting Chamber noted that, prior This time not even started programm creation allied agricultural machines, which had planned to launch another in the past year. A customs services of Belarus means that they have allocated for the improvement of cross-border infrastructure Fri, used in the past year, only 2 percent.
• Economist Deljagin Misha: "Gas — political product.", 01.08.2007

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