(Eurofighter) wants to conclude the middle of 2014 with its European partners in aviation agreement to develop airborne radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA radar with) for" >

«Eurofighter» waiting AFAR

Consortium «Eurofighter> (Eurofighter) wants to conclude the middle of 2014 with its European partners in aviation agreement to develop airborne radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA radar with) for the fighter «Typhoon» (Typhoon).
Said this weekly «News Difens» referring to statements by the consortium, made at the air show «Dubai eyrshou 2013» (Dubai Airshow-2013).

It is understood that more accurately terms will be determined by the end of 2013 and already the middle of 2014 the contract is signed. Under the agreement, the development of radar AFAR will produce «Evroradar» (Euroradar) headed by the Italian company «SELEX-EU» (Selex ES). Certain time and budget applets have not been disclosed.

In this case, if the contract is expected to be signed by the middle of 2014, a period that will take place after the decision by the Office of NATO fighters applets «Eurofighter» and «Tornado» NETMA (NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency) to develop » Evroradar «for the development of radar AFAR, will be about 2 years. NETMA produces control over these applets fighters from England, Germany, Italy and Spain. Legally admissible attempt to make production standards for future radar AFAR, which would suit both European and global operator «Typhoon», not once aroused criticism from professionals.

Relatively unhurried improve combat abilities fighter «Typhoon», partly due to the zeal and industry representatives of European governments significantly change its structure. Perhaps having some impact on this process has NETMA, which seeks to simplify the modernization of the aircraft due to the fact that as soon as there is an increase and a decrease in the number of foreign number of European customers. Currently, besides participating in the development of the aircraft states of Europe, «Typhoon» is used by the Austrian, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Plane participates in tenders announced by Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Malaysia. The consortium «Eurofighter» producing fighter «Typhoon», among other companies, are companies «BAE Systems» (BAE Systems), EADS (EADS) and «Finmeccanica» (Finmeccanica).

In the current time last work on the creation of radar «SELEX-EU», known as «E-Keptor» (Captor-E). Part of this work is funded by industry representatives. Production aircraft «Typhoon» with special equipment is ready for flight tests that will follow after the installation of a radar AFAR. He is expected to make the first flight in late 2013, then will develop a prototype radar experienced in the first quarter of 2014

Representatives of the consortium «Eurofighter» stated that the ability of the aircraft impact will also be improved. In the current flight tests are being prepared «Typhoon» cruise missile «Storm Shadow» (Storm Shadow) and «Taurus» (Taurus).

It is understood that the flight tests «Typhoon» with a missile «Storm Shadow» will hold the company «Alenia Aermacchi» (Alenia Aermacchi). Testing is expected shortly. Flight tests missiles «Taurus» is planned in December 2013 According to representatives of the consortium «Eurofighter» integration process «Storm Shadow» will be completed by 2015

Several media outlets have claimed that most of the work on the integration of «Storm Shadow» in the aircraft weapons system is funded by Saudi Arabia. This instrument is used on airplanes «Tornado» (Tornado), operated by the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Italy.

In the current work is being done to integrate the rocket «Meteor» (Meteor) class «air — air» to engage targets beyond line of sight type BVRAAM (beyond visual range air-to-air missile). Attention of professionals also lured mounted fuel tanks streamlined. They are installed on a fighter such makarom by which the number of nodes is not reduced the suspension arms. According to the consortium «Eurofighter» forthcoming study of the fuel tanks mounted directly depends on the availability of the interests of the customer, with all countries having armed with «Typhoon», expressed similar intrigued.

The latest version of the fighter «Typhoon» «trensh-3» (Trenche 3) — in the near future will be performed in enterprises of all countries participating in the consortium «Eurofighter». It will be adapted for installation of additional fuel tanks; together so they are a basis set does not include delivery. The first fighter in the series, owned by the RAF, will rise into the air at the end of 2013

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