European Commission: the loss of evrasanktsy Belarus — 12 million euros

Namely the European Commission Consulate said: "We have received a variety of information about the alleged loss. Was even called the sum of 300 million euros. According to our data, Belarus will lose about 12 million euros per year, which is about 0.4% of the Belarusian exports to the EU. "
"Exclusion from the system preferences is faster political measure"
"This is a small amount of money. But exclusion from the General System of Preferences is faster policy measure," — said the representative of the European Commission.
Such an outlook earlier expressed "Freedom" and the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk:
"From my viewpoint, there is not a case of real harm — I believe that it is essential less than 400 or 300 000 000 — question about the moral loss incurred our country, our government, a strong blow to the country style. There are huge political loss significantly than economic. Surely, so nervous and was such an official reaction of the Belarusian side to this decision. "
The decision to deprive Belarus of trade preferences adopted December 20, 2006 with a delay of entry into force six months. But the International Association of Labour Conference, held in Geneva from 30 May to 15 June, was stated "the lack of progress in the field of the rights to freedom of association in Belarus." Since June 21 2007 decision to exclude Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences in force.
Preferences can be returned — if "carries positive changes and respect the rights of workers"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has previously stated that the EU’s decision will not be a severe challenge for the economy and the people of Belarus. According to the statement of the Foreign Ministry on June 21, 2007, Belarus considers this decision as temporary and expects that an impartial need to establish and develop good-neighborly cooperation with Belarus to force the European Union to its early revision and abolition.
Consulate of the European Commission in this regard, noted: "The fact that preferences can be returned, is a good incentive for the government of Belarus to conduct positive changes and respect the rights of workers."
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