Examination of Freedom: What are the results of the struggle for the youth?

10 years old "to Young Front" and 5 years BRYU. Why the political screen of the country is only one youth organization — "Young Front"? Did he capture the support of the youth? Who is the greatest influence on the minds of young people — "Young Front" or BRYU?
Seviarynets: "Defeat of people who believe in God, it is impossible"
Valery Karbalevich: "Over the past 10-15 years, Belarus has operated many youth organizations oppositional:" Bison "," Young Socialists "," Young Democrats ", the Young Communist League and others. Some of them have now.
But on the political screen of the country can be seen only one youth company — "Young Front". Why? "
Paul Seviarynets: "Young Front" first created as a general movement. The basis of its creation were mass demonstrations of spring 1996. In addition, "Young Front" was based on a fairly branched structures.
"Young Front" not just put the puzzle for yourself take some niche, and aspired to become a favorite of more than 2 million young people in Belarus.
But it is more technological reason. As essential and the main reason is that in 2000 the Young identified himself spiritual foundation struggle. This is a public thought and Christian principles. In other words, faith in God and love for Belarus. This composition makes the most probable victory through pain, tests, intimidation. Defeat of people who believe in God, is unreal.
For example, many organizations, including, Youth in Belarus were split. Samples were split "Young Front" were least 6 times. But it failed. Malady going, repented for those wrongs inflicted each other, prayed together and stayed ednymi. This force "Young Front".
Andrei Kazakevich: "Young Front" — a more stable and popular youth organization. Indeed, it was created in the wake of street protests in 1996, received a strong impulse of energy and human supplies. Ideology and values supported by the presence of solid charismatic leadership.
In addition, "The young front" managed to make a great public relations and media. After all, if we are talking about political screen, we mean the representation in the information field. "
Did "The young front" to capture the support of young people?
Karbalevich: "By the way, the poll on the website of Radio Liberty points out that 71% of voters believe that the youth enters the" Young Front "as business and believes in the idea of the organization.
"The young front" — 10 years. For this time infinite number of street protests, arrests, criminal cases, reckless selflessness, personal courage. Some people, as is our current spokesman Paul Seviarynets, first managing "Young Front" has long become a living legend of the new Belarusian history.
But once there is a question: what are the results of this battle? Did "The young front" win over the youth?
That youth activists are constantly bombarded favorite so called "An old opposition" that they were tired and did not try to win their struggle without result. But it looks so that if the level of support for the opposition to associate the midst of all the population and the level of support, for example, "Young Front" among young people, the results are comparable. Why "Young Front" did not become a stylish favorite among the youth? Maybe he is doing something wrong? Maybe slogans or wrong ways to fight? "
Seviarynets "fair and legitimate question. Indeed, the program documents" Young Front "written goal — winning the leadership in the midst of all of the Belarusian youth. Indeed, one can not say that the majority of young people go for" the Young Front ".
Coupled with the fact it is necessary to emphasize a few important points. In the narrow sense of "Young Front" worked effectively for the opposition parties. After all, among young people, according to all polls, the most highest specifications to support democracy, protest against the regime.
And the bulk of the participants in street protests last 12 years — the youth. Certainly, about half of young people are guided by a white-red-white flag.
Together with the fact popularity of "Malady Front" in the midst of a small spread, politically active and conscious part of youth. And we have it in the minority.
Indeed, in the activities of "Young Front" mistakes have been made, first process. Failed to make constant and extensive communications with youth. That there are specific prerequisites — first pressure from the authorities.
But the "Young Front" — is not just a project of the opposition protest. This project generatsyyny aimed at creating the latest generation of Belarusians. We want to offer young people not quite things are popular.
"Young Front" fights against alcoholism, drugs, debauchery. A fight with his sin even harder than the regime. In this regard, "Young Front" is just beginning its work, and 10 years — little time for this project. "
Kazakevitch: "Youth — not any single group, which divides the common values. It is very heterogeneous. Ta youth who are socialized in the criteria existing regime which is more versatile refers to European values.
Youth generally supports democracy, opposition more active than the older generation. I do not think that this is largely due to the activities of youth organizations. Young people are always more prone to non-conformism, openness to new values and technologies.
General impact on young people of all youth organizations decreases since 2002. Certainly, it would rather talk about the impact of youth organizations in the process of certain political events. Besides, it is often the short-term impact. "
Who is the greatest influence on the minds of young people — "Young Front" or BRYU?
Karbalevich: "It happened that faced two anniversaries: 10 years" to Young Front "and 5 years BRYU. Clearly, the conditions of the organizations are incomparable. But, judging by the results, who has more influence on the minds of young people?
Many members do not experience discomfort BRYU — they enjoy all the benefits and heartily wear badges with red and green flags or waving flags on official stadiums that support Belarusian athletes. "
Seviarynets: "Actually BRYU — no youth organization, and municipal software programm lyayalnastsi youth. Therefore can not be regarded as an independent entity BRYU. You can read that competitor "Young Front" is not BRYU and mode available with all institutions, power structures.
But let’s compare the 400 thousand members and BRYU 1-1.5 thousand members of the "Young Front". In the Web "Young Front" more represented. In the state and independent press consular comparable. As an independent organization, so it is effective.
Patriotism under the red-green flag — a harsh paradox. Many members of the "Young Front" generation Dashkevycha started with this. But when they move along this path, it will inevitably come to the white-red-white flag.
According to a survey in 2003 of the Baltic Service Gallup, more than 50% of the population of Belarus aware of "Young Front". Among young people know more than 70%, and 15% would like to join the "Young Front".
Kazakevitch "No" Young Front "or BRYU not define consciousness of young people now. BRYU — municipal bureaucracy. Ideological impact of this alliance is negligible. Loyalty to the regime supported youth faster career opportunities.
As for the "Young Front", the sector-specific youth, his work was effective. But outside of this group effect "Young Front" unimportant. "

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