Extended Swedish: freedom incarnation

Works of fifteen artists participating in the project — different shapes and materials in different original concepts and realization. Besides the usual metals for jewelry pieces, painters use wood, paper, plastics and sylikon. One of the visitors of the exhibition says that most impressed by the scale of fantasy painters.
Woman: "unpredictable … We are used to the fact that the association alive in music, painting … Here, in association art decoration — it is unpredictable. If it becomes a regular thing ornaments. And this unpredictability would» , e in memory very. "
"We see people — free, and they love it … "
And my other companion saw through art visible difference in the Belarusian and Swedish mentality:
Woman: "Every thing visible own property, own charm, its soul, its lurking. I think this exhibition specifically about these things. Swedes are not afraid to embody themselves raznyavolvats yourself. Feels that it is — people are free and they love it. They do what that althought ".
Exhibition of contemporary art decorations Sweden last till October 21.

Musical arrangement of the exhibition — a trio of "purse"
Works Andes Charlotte Ho Sook Sindyng cause a memoir of childhood tales
Awareness creation Swedish designers themselves strenuously photo
Works designer Leah Aleborg
Pin, brooch and necklace MIR Nurynder combined title "Radiator"

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