F-35 to get rid of CLICHÉS
Price applets production and operation for 50 years fighter F-35 continues to decrease, Defense News reported on September 18.

Joint Managing applets F-35 Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan U.S. (Christopher Bogdan) confirmed that the current estimates this cost to be 857 billion U.S. dollars compared with the previous $ 1.1 trillion is a great victory achieved in the last two or three years , said Bogdan Conference on Aerospace Air Force on September 18. But taking into account the inflation to be within these 50 years, the number may vary.

Speaking earlier in the day, the executive vice president of Lockheed Martin, general manager of F-35 Martin Lorraine (Lorraine Martin) said that the price of F-35A version with ordinary takeoff and landing was the least $ 100 million per unit. «This is a big milestone for us, lowering costs is the entire program,» she said, noting that the price of the airframe small lots LRIP-5 fell by 55%. Martin Bogdan and expressed confidence that all technical issues are resolved, new delays in the program will not.

Address issues with the creation of the pilot’s helmet, coupled with the sverhtehnologichny aircraft electronics. The company is developing a night vision camera extended, which will be supplied along with the aircraft LRIP-7 series.

Had difficulties with the brake hook deck variant F-35C, but the company is confident that resolved the issue. New hook will be tested in October and November on the ground aerobatsplanes aviastantsii Leykharst Navy (New Jersey). Landing on an aircraft carrier will be implemented in the summer of 2014.

Another problem were doubts about the ability of the aircraft to make flights during lightning strikes, which at the present time is limited due to structural defects board inert gas generation system OBIGGS (On-Board Inert Gas Generating System), created to prevent a fire in the fuel tanks in the event of impact lightning. The upgraded system will also be introduced since the party LRIP-7, then it will be installed on the aircraft earliest releases.

Greater problem is the development of on-board software of 10 million lines, said Bogdan. Combat aircraft of the Marine Corps and Air Force will work with the «intermediate» program block Block 2B (respectively 2015 and 2016). More advanced Block 3F is very depending on the progress in the development of Block 2B, the general said, but expressed confidence in the ultimate success.

Bogdan also paid attention to other dilemmas. «On the plane, there are many parts that are subject to early failure,» he said, and when he was asked to give an example, he referred to the lack of reliability of the tire chassis fighter F-35B with short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft created for the ILC. The problem is that when a vertical landing on the ground bus must possess greater softness and from entry with a concrete runway or from the deck of an aircraft carrier, they have to be tough. These demands to reverse the tires properties. In response to a request to do better the properties of the structural element tire manufacturer Dunlop company General assured that the work it will take over without funding from the U.S. government.

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