F/A-37 Talon

F/A-37 Talon
F/A-37 Talon — fabrications plane, fighter of the U.S. Navy, as shown in the movie «Stealth» 2005.
Talon is capable of hypersonic flight cruising thanks to the combined pulsed detonation / scramjet engine.

As the title of the movie, Talon has stealth capability, along with variable-sweep wings, double guns for close combat and internal launcher with a wide range of weapons, including missile air-to-air AIM-9 Sidewinder, anti-radiation missiles AGM-88 HARM, missiles «air-land» AGM-130C (referred to in the movie «Blue Ferret»), and bombs Truncheon.

This aircraft resettled common embedded microprocessor (CIP), a central «brain» capable of assessing damage not only the enemy forces, and in the midst of the civilian population of victims. CIP can create complex calculations, such as the assessment of nuclear fallout or estimate of the probability of survival.

Talon is capable of precise attacks with minimal destruction. Was built only three standard Talon and they flew in the top three. Each pilot has a screen to display the status of the slave. Regulation means alleviated computer controlled voice and has a projection screen.
The plane is equipped with self-destruct in case of system failure.

On the way influenced several F/A-37 Talon aircraft. Russian Su-47 «Berkut» with wings swept back, although not having a variable geometry. And fabrications X-02 Wyvern from the video game series «Ace Combat». Both possess a variable sweep wings, inconspicuous and about similar forms. Another aircraft with a similar design — Demonstrator Northrop «Switchblade».

F/A-37 should be called «Talon II», as the title of «Talon» has been awarded a trainer aircraft T-38.

The game «Empire Earth» is also a fighter with the title «Talon» in the «Era of the digital age.» It is almost similar to F/A-37, although this fighter snow white, not dark and ground-based as opposed to the deck.
F/A-37 Talon

Crew: 1 pilot
Range: 4,000 nautical miles
Engines: 2? Pulsating detonation / scramjet
Speed: 3.5 Max (cruising), 4 + Max (maximum)

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