Famous people of Belarus in the office of BPF

Sounds of bagpipes celebration took recognizable musician piper Ban Skirgaylo. Then took the floor and one of the painters Dmitry Shapovalov:
"I believe that, unfortunately, in our country do not all know his story. And I decided that what I can — to fill this gap."
"These people represent an argument against the policy which now spends Lukashenko"
Painters Valentin and Lily Varetsy who made a gallery of portraits of Gusovskogo to Kosciuszko, in its origin Ukrainian and Tatar. With the advent of today’s government had emigrated to Australia.
Says the chairman of the Commission for Culture BPF Franak Vyachorka:
"Those people that are reflected in the pictures, they left their mark not only in his life, and in life, in the life of civilization, the Belarusians. I believe that these people there is a reflection, now we have our own history and an argument against the policy which now spends Lukashenko. "
"It’s impressive that there are people who wish to engage in Belarus"
At the end of the exhibition, participants watched and listened to the tune of Lord Skirgaylo.
Reporter: "Or looked at the show and that you liked?"
Woman: "Loved it. Impressive also, that there are people who wish to Lesson of Belarusian. That these people among us — we meet them, talk — and it is very nice. I’m happy for our youth such, for our people and I hope that this is really something out. Believe it. "
Franak Vyachorka among young people during the exhibition opening
Ban Skirgaylo opens the exhibition "Famous people of Belarus"
Youth about the Portrait Gallery "Famous people of Belarus"
Word takes painter Zmetser Shapovalov
One of the exhibits — a portrait of Tadeusz Kosciuszko
Youth at the "Famous people of Belarus"

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