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Valerina Catherine Gimbatava Sergey Sergey Goodilin Kastrytski Misha Goat Stepan Ferocious (Prize of the Week)
Svetlana Marchuk Maryska Eugene Mikuts Oksana MF She Pavlyukavets Yurko Rapetski Vladimir Skrabatun (Prize of the Week)
Kasia Shumskaya Polina Feliksava (Prize of the Week)
Vladislav Harhardin
Favorites of the last 13 weeks
1 week: Kasia Shtirlitsa Ales Osipenko, Alexander Kushner
Week 2: Alexei Ozhinsky Lyudmila Prakopau, InSomnia
Week 3: Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Lyudmila Vitushkava
4 week: Kasia Shumskaya, Slava, Oksana Luniniec
5 week: Vadim Titov, Denis Fedorenko, Valery Kazyuminski
6 week: Dmitry Zenkovich, Ales Sidlyarevich Tatiana Myronovych
Week 7Vitaly Brazovsky Pauline Grynchanka Vadim Gaydalenak
8 week: Eva Gilevich, Minka, Sergei Mikhal’chuk
9 week: Vladimir Tkachenko, Sergey Peles, Valerina (Valeria Koustova)
Week 10: Syrel Anna Lena Luetke, Zorna
Week 11: Dmitry Bodevicha (prize heroine of the plot), Vladimir Sergeev, Anton Yakutovich
Week 12: Vadim, Yarosh, Ales Pryshyvalka
Week 13: Svetlana Marchuk, Michael Kozel, Yuri Vysotsky
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Current section:
Where’s my edge
"There’s my territory, where Light heather meadows" — says Polina Feliksava. She sent for the competition a whole collection of lilac-pink prints. "Heather Summer" — named her own lyrical diary. Placed many pages.
(C) Pauline Feliksava heather summer (1)
(C) Pauline Feliksava heather summer (2)
(C) Pauline Feliksava heather summer (3)
(C) Pauline Feliksava heather summer (4)
Mail of the deepest free.
(C) Vladimir Skrabatun Stone crosses Glybochchyny
(C) Vladimir Skrabatun dies at the Church of St.. Anthony Village Bobruyschina (early twentieth century.) Glubokskiy District, Vitebsk Region
(C) With Vladimir Skrabatun watering. Lake Psuya, Glubokskiy District, Vitebsk Region
"Where’s my edge and if I have my city youth?" — With this issue went to stay with close fatakameray Kasia Shumskaya. Let me remind you of her previous publication — a series of historical illustrations "Reflections Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century" (see the thirteenth fatatyden). One of those prints we repeat as a starting (and a burning!) Fatavrazhannyav current point.
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Mozyr early twentieth century. Coastal Landscape
"I was lucky to be born in one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus — Catherine writes in his own lyrical commentary. — And this beauty is not in the construction of numerous monuments, not in the old pavement on the narrow streets, not tongued signs of ancient walls, not in silver stones eminent palaces. Mozyr None of this, in spite of its own 850-year-old age does not matter.
"The center of the principality, county, region, area, he was a city dregovichskoe, poleshuka, Jewish, Russian, post-Soviet … For all this time remained constant only unique landscape. Vertical bumps along the great river." So wrote Sergei Dubovets.
Go through the town grayish day. Walk along the lonely park where old trees in the midst of feel like in the ancient forgotten movie. At the moment, there ended the life of … Fog gives me any paint for filming … Hunting grab a frame antique stone, comfortable cafes, small home yard, where life began, but … Empty, empty city. Usual five-and nine-seem only mercilessly reminder of history, which, it turns out there was. Why, what a beautiful stone killed the music of the old town, and all that I have — swagger brick "paradise" and the pride of modern "stability" … I turn off the camera and silent supervise central street in the very heart of the town …
Mozyr urban ravines … "Cold depth of the middle vertical mounds …" Here own special world, a lot of other avenues and squares, its indigenous inhabitants. We were true "marshy Robinsons" when zamirannem with children’s hearts, stepping carefully on unknown paths greenish, learn from, not written by any story of your own town.
Do recent photos … I was lucky! Lucky see and feel the beauty of it is present. Lucky to be sure that my light will overcome the darkness of indifference Belarus and will play on our victory. I do not remember when my heart was in general so sentimental. But perhaps, in this particular sentymentalnastsi and hidden that authentic feeling the need to live free …
Thank you, "Freedom", for the fact that with each image comes back to me the motherland. "
(C) Catherine Shumskaya history, which was not. Fatavrazhanni 1st a day or, Mozyr, 2007
(C) Catherine Shumskaya history, which was not. Fatavrazhanni 1st a day or, Mozyr, 2007
(C) Catherine Shumskaya history, which was not. Fatavrazhanni 1st a day or, Mozyr, 2007
(C) Catherine Shumskaya history, which was not. Fatavrazhanni 1st a day or, Mozyr, 2007
(C) Catherine Shumskaya history, which was not. Fatavrazhanni 1st a day or, Mozyr, 2007
(C) Catherine Shumskaya history, which was not. Fatavrazhanni 1st a day or, Mozyr, 2007
Light of the Fatherland in Logishin (Pinsk district), Minsk, Profound and "ethnically Belarusian" Smolensk — from Jyrki Rapetskaga Stepan and ferocity.
(C) Yuri Rapetski Temples 2-ver (Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the Transfiguration Church), the township Logishin Pinsk district
(C) Stepan ferocious Evening Minsk
(C) Stepan fiercely Catholic church of the Holy Trinity (1764 — 82), Deepest Vitebsk region
(C) Stepan ferocious appearance on the walls of the fortress and the Assumption Cathedral in Smolensk
Captivating retraspektsyya from Oksana MF. Illustration of Palm Sunday in Volozhin during svyanchennya "willow" — things bright and garish color — complemented usual gray images of the town (or village?) "On the way home from church." Understanding oneself in space with a move to try to fix the conflict between the sublime and the mundane external — I would have said.
(C) Oksana MF Palm Sunday in Volozhin, Minsk region
(C) Oksana MF Palm Sunday (on the way home from church). Elektraapora and Cross on razviltsy. Volozhin Minsk region
(C) Oksana MF Palm Sunday (on the way home from church). Volozhin Minsk region
(C) Oksana MF Palm Sunday (on the way home from church). Volozhin Minsk region
Theme roads continue Goodilin Sergei and Igor Ahramuk. Such brukavanak in Belarus remained insignificant.
(C) Sergey Goodilin Belarusian road. Village Street in Logoysk district, Minsk region
(C) Igor Ahramuk File silhouette bison near Olympic avtashashoy Moscow — Brest
Svetlana Marchuk first post on the contest represents the word "light."
(C) Svetlana Marchuk He and She. Landscape islands Komsomol lake in Minsk
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Mirror. Landscape with silver willow islands Komsomol lake in Minsk
Debut Release: Eugene Mikuts and two of his compositions.
(C) Eugene Mikuts My Motherland
(C) Eugene Mikuts Leisure time
Trees of life
Pictures of envelopes. They sent Vladislav Harhardin living in Verkhnedvinsk Vitebsk region. "I am sending photos everyday because I have no other, as I do not have a computer and a digital fatakamery — this dream for me, a pensioner, has unreal. But I amateurs from childhood, and began to shoot back in the days when Radio Liberty called" Liberation " . These pictures do everyday "Zenith." It would be uncomfortable and restless at heart, with many years of experience and the amateur listener "Freedom" does not take part in your fatakonkurse. "
Pochetaemy Vladislav! Gratefully accept your anxiety and put this two times your work. Do not be confused by the lack of "numbers", the device does not harm the film a great frame. Continue a series of nature attractions. You also write about the sketches dying village, burning it. Best send. Thank you for your attention, we want health. To attach the gift of Liberty you (myself), and his newest book "My counterpoints. Overseas and at home" on the U.S. national parks.
(C) Vladislav Harhardin From the life of trees. Sosonko
(C) Vladislav Harhardin From the life of trees. Birch
Two pictures from the collection of the sights of nature Yana Pavlyukavets.
(C) It Pavlyukavets Creek
(C) It Pavlyukavets Parable forest plots
Time Youth
Champion Svetlana Marchuk last week together with Essays on favorite (see section below) and sent fotapratsyag life of its own heroes, "victorious" picture.
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Anelka with Volchek tatkavym under one belt (for preastsyarogi)
Photo Works from Valerina. Read comments:
"I was sitting next to the fountain near Komarovka and watched an amazing thing: a small boy tried to get in the water. Very upset and bewildered when a couple of times in a row it was not successful. Later he changed his strategy — and decided to first find water firmly to it by prapavztsi . But not dropped — dropped into the fountain. And only then jumped father — and carried small. Apparently dry. everything and I only had time that capture his first walk on the water samples. Follow this spectacle, of course, was much more interesting . "
(C) Valeria Koustova first sample to the water
Another letter of the Belarusian youth.
"I do not know — our listener writes, — whether your subject is a photo, but it turned out perfectly. Pictured — Gimbatav Vanya. Respectfully Gimbatava Catherine." Beautiful, spotless and beautiful, frame, Ms.. Catherine! Sorry for not writing in which greenish Muragi spend time with Vanya his youth.
(C) Catherine Gimbatava Meet Gimbatav Vanya
Watchful Eye
The smallness of the atypical — or rather, a picture-SOS — from Nesvizha. Maryska who sent the story, writes: "This house in the historic center Nesvizha bought not so long ago for a shop local businessmen, against which I generally do not have anything. Troubling unless that property is 100 meters from the Global Cultural Heritage (building ensemble with lock and districts — VD) somehow quietly built up and sold. How is built, perfectly visible in the picture. questions remain, for example, what it will store (why not a personal museum or something authentic.) Imagine that this place six months later revealed another outlet with tongued title "detergent." Nightmare! A very similar. " So wrote Maryska. Enjoying her picture and make their own conclusions.
(C) Restoration Maryska (heritage conservation) in Nesvizhski?
Misha Goat, veteran greyish Turow until skeptical looks at the prospect of his native town, especially with regard to the so-called veznaga tourism. Enjoying his shooting.
(C) Misha Goat front of the museum on Castle Hill (over the remains of the temple of the twelfth century), Zhitkovichskij district, Gomel region
"The museum came after visiting Desk Alexander Lukashenko — says Misha. — But so far to no end. Outside under a beautiful shell museum exhibition turned into ordinary" unfinished. "It is already realized and cattle."
His four compositions Sergei Kastrytski put such a title: "We’re looking for you," Yavropa. "And here said that vigilant eyes from Minsk aimed at star-blue flag.
(C) Sergey Kastrytski We are looking for you … (1)
(C) Sergey Kastrytski We are looking for you … (2)
(C) Sergey Kastrytski We are looking for you … (3)
(C) Sergey Kastrytski We are looking for you … (4)
Picture WEEK
Heather summer (prize — radio)
Heather collection created not only misses the burning context of our competition. All that blooms in Belarus, worthy of attention and expression, because it’s our biological heritage, and spiritual and cultural heritage. Heather — evergreen shrub forest womb, to a greater extent where more sand, also grows well in peatlands (verashchatniki), a good summer and autumn honey. It is worth mentioning that the famous Belarusian-Polish-Russian-Latin botanical dictionary made Zoska Veras (alias Ludvika Sivitskii). Created by the current forest botanical subjects Polina Feliksava made expressive compositions, which you can just figure out the plant alone. Congratulations, Pauline!
(C) Pauline Feliksava heather summer (4)
Belarusian city’s historic landscape (Minsk, deepest, Smolensk) (prize — radio)
Panoramic images created by Stepan ferocity. All three panoramas (especially the historical centers of the deepest and Smolensk) successfully connect urban development and the surrounding landscape with a lake and coastal landscape (in the first case) and the Dnieper (2nd). Undeniable artistic value of the second image (view of the Cathedral of the Assumption) — Catch the sun (svetlatseni) in gray overcast day. In the evening panorama of the capital perfectly readable time when the city lights light roofs and walls and have not blindly artificial lighting.
(C) Stepan ferocious Evening Minsk. View of the Trinity Suburb (left Svislochi saves) and Masherov Avenue (right saves)
With watering. On Lake Psuya (prize — radio)
Sketch of hot summer days and bright, and burning. Picture made on Lake Psuya where depth achieves 10 and a half meters. Due to the main act, shown in the picture — a stallion with rider rise up the hill — and transferred feature local topography (large lake shores), and the tradition of horse breeding. The plot is stored makes image abounding Belarus, where she must remain for posterity. Congratulations to the creator and hope for a new one.
(C) With Vladimir Skrabatun watering. On Lake Psuya, Glubokskiy District, Vitebsk Region
Essays FROM Favourites
Svetlana Marchuk, thirteenth (last) week. Picture of "Adult kids":
"Our future is in unity, love and inner freedom"
This "cute baby scene" that my victory picture, very home-like. Past two years, specifically the city largely own neighborhood, and I shall take pictures thanks to the heroine of the plot — dochurke Aneltsy. Malyavtsy until two years from a small, and it is not very let mom in travel, even with such significant background as photography. The very same shoot it very curious that I am doing this with great pleasure and joy. Now send another photograph Anelka on a swing, and again — together with her "fiance" neighbor Volchek (see above). I apologize for such a "deja vu", but that may still be better yes svyatleyshy for the children’s faces, eyes and grins on their own. These two are under one tatkavym belt (for caution) — is our future that in unity, so in love nutarnay freedom.
With fotaamatarskim welcome — Svetlana Marchuk. "
THEME from the master: apateozu SMETSTSEZVALKI
Valery Dranchuk: "I have to state and peel the bell: Light heather meadows fails to resist mud and debris, which now makes people"
Current theme I have chosen smetnishchy close to nature. My choice, I know nyalitastsivy in certain respects when participants fatakonkursu write with light and warmth of emotion for the country, removed and sent picturesque places, full of a sense of harmony, order and happiness in their native land. The theme of destruction and skryvzhannya circles goes, but, next or the next, and from time to time looking ahead.
I am quite often in the woods, a lot of traveling on the bike from time to time where I get out on foot. In the end, I must state and peel the bell: Light heather meadows fails to resist mud and debris, which now makes a man. Dumps and so called solid waste landfills — near roads and paths of old, on the banks of ponds and colorful in the floodplains of rivers, forest and near the graves ulonkah, but what really — even near the temples and anywhere else.
In this regard, I see the crisis gaspadarlivastsi Belarusian, izymatelstvo over common sense and reasonable order. This is our natural savagery, where no law is not working, even the most ordinary law court.
In my publishing two "official" dump (in other words, under the control of the local council, rayepidstantsyi rayinspektsyi and natural resources). First, that the nearby river (a tributary of the Neman) — in Stolbtsy district, second, when the forest itself, a mile away from the first — in Nesvizhsky.
Digital photo gives interesting ability to respond to heart-rending cry of nature and the countryside — shoot and sent to the authorities of negligence and negligence standards, fight with antysvyatlom defend unblemished bright colors and images of the Fatherland.
Apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the river)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the river, 1)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the river, 2)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the river, 3)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the river, 4)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the river, 5)
Apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the forest)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the forest, 1)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the forest, 2)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the forest, 3)
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the forest, 4). Road in sunspots
(C) Valery Dranchuk apateozu smetstsyazvalki (near the forest, 5)
Wishing victorious light in your hearts and cameras
Valery Dranchuk

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