Fifth-generation fighter T-50 will be equipped with digital missiles

Fifth-generation fighter T-50 will be equipped with digital missiles
Install missiles on the same radar that on a plane

Launch K-77m air-to-air tactical fighter T-50 will get an advanced targeting system. Homing missiles to the antenna based on the digital active phased array will ensure the aircraft or missile hit the enemy with the first launch. The new radar will provide momentary response to sudden maneuver target missiles will also increase compatibility with digital systems fighters fifth generation.
Advanced system homing missiles develop design bureau «Detail» company «Tactical Missiles», technical re-equipment spending. Make experienced the creation of business going in 2015.

At this point UPKB «Detail» finds the contractor for the project development company retrofitting new equipment. This «News» said chief engineer Mike Vershinin.

— In the interest of the creation of pilot production will reorganize the company, a part of it. We are looking for a contractor company, which we will do enterprise development project for these purposes, — said Mikhail Vershinin.

Modernization includes a re-2-shells, in addition, it is intended to create a new site where the tests will occur missile guidance heads with modeling of airborne radar aircraft. To investigate the ability of retargeting missiles will be carried out dynamic tests with simulated maneuvering targets.
Phased array radar is a series of host-cell horns and installed on the rocket nose transparent to radio waves under the hood. Any cell perceives its portion of the signal, and using digital processing and adding the entire disk imaging rocket will be able to react in time to maneuver the sharp end.
The main advantage of missiles K-77m will be to hold objectives and adjustment to its maneuvers. Due to the huge amount of radiating parts locator lattice gets more accurate information about the position of the enemy, processing the signal from each cell.

This element of the radar is usually installed on the aircraft, including the T-50, and air defense systems. Despite the advances in technology and the continued reduction of the production cost, phased array radars are expensive, which raises the need to swing their implementation in a single rocket.

Yet such missiles hit enemy aircraft will pay many times and creation, and the likely harm, the deputy director of the Institute of Military and Political Analysis Alexander Hramchihin.

— At the moment, the creation of everything connected with military equipment — it is very expensive, there’s no getting around it. But all the same goal, which hit a rocket advance even more expensive this missile. And if you guarantee a hit on the first try, then of course it makes sense, — said Alexander Hramchihin.

Praised the plans of the company general director of holding «Roselektronika» State Corporation «Rosteh» Andrei Zverev, saying that Our homeland has a chance to become one of the first states to have mastered the latest technology required for the creation of precision missiles.
— Digital active phased arrays are a promising direction until now not commercially available or in Russia or abroad. Obviously, accuracy, agility missiles will increase, because the digital array has more speed and less power-consuming in comparison with analogue — said Andrei Zverev.
According to the plans UPKB «Detail» Start of production will not begin until February 2015 — this date must be prepared working documents for the implementation of technology.

Alexei Krivoruchek

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