For what purpose Italy lend Belarus 210 million euros?

The fact that Italy will give Belarus a loan of 210 million euros, official sources said after a meeting of the Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky Italian Ambassador in Belarus Guglielmo Ardizzone. This meeting was accomplished on August 20th. And for what purpose funds are taken and interest rate and from what the Bank of Italy?
"The size of the loan — is all the information we have so far," — said the press secretary Belarusian government Alexander Timoshenko.
If the additional information, the emperor said Tymoshenko. Details of the loan and do not give the Italian Embassy in Belarus.
Do lending practices Belarusian regime the EU, which comes in Italy? Recognizable Belarusian economist Yaroslav Romanchuk said that the initiative of the Italian government, and remarks such initiatives also exhibit some other countries Europe:
"You can not assume that the EU has the ability to keep under control the acts of state governments. He can advise some things, but decisions are made by others. It is clear that Italy, France, Germany intensively cooperated in the economy with which many regimes that are listed as not very democratic or undemocratic, even in general, as the last regime of Saddam Hussein. Loan of 210 million euros — not such a big and for Italy. Maybe these funds in Italy, the same will get some food, equipment, required of Belarus. "
Italian banks are not lending to Belarus for the first time. Disk imaging on Government, the country has not yet paid for the loan for 70 million euros, issued by the Italian bank "UniCredit" also for the loan of 20 million euros from the "Agrobank". What is the risk of huge loans by the state? Yaroslav Romanchuk says about the threat to the country’s economy in the future:

"You can not assume that the EU has the ability to keep under control the acts of state governments. "

"The fact of receiving numerous credits is not an indicator of good economic strategy. Indeed, these loans takes the government, not private businesses, which are responsible for their personal property. Can recall the example of Argentina. It also intensively perceived such loans, and later faced with strong financial crises of which had not come out a year, but in decades. It survived Turkey, Mexico. "
According to Yaroslav Romanchuk, even if the Italian loan right will not go to pay for Russian gas and energoelementov, it will help free up funds for this purpose from the budget:
"This, of course, support the stability of Belarusian assets. But if we only rely on such loans in 2008-2009 to increase significantly the risk of collapse."
Yaroslav Romanchuk — active supporter of reform Belarusian economy on the market model. The decision of the Italian government to support the Belarusian regime sovereign Romanchuk commented as follows:
"Known tradition of Italian Communists and Russian businessmen to cooperate with the regime. Because not surprisingly, that they collaborate with so actually, the communist regime, which is the Lukashenko regime. And this does not happen the first time."

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