Freedom movement will not be registered

Samolyuk referee decided that the creators of the "For Freedom" made several violations of the law.
Ministry of Justice saw violations and views on the Supreme Court, had reason to refuse registration.
Lawyer Olga Smolianka, Graduate Institute of Humanities Euro helped activists of the unregistered movement in this court. She calls the current decision "rather formal":
"Denied a formal reason — the creators of the motion court fee paid is not in the budget. But they later corrected the error, which has been proved in a court document. If you look at only the formal side, the tribunal could not refuse. He did.
But the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus declares the supreme value of human country. His rights — also the highest value of the country. A people denied only for the fact that they do not pay the money back. What is the highest value of the country? Which is right? "
The creators of the movement on the court stated that they were misled municipal lawyers. They Tipo been explained that if a constituent assembly was held in Grodno and Exchange fee should pay there, and not in Minsk. In the end, the means were in the local budget and needed, that they be enrolled in the Republican.
Alexei Kavalets — one of 3 activists of "For Freedom", which was signed before the Supreme Tribunal. He comments on the current solution:
"Unexpectedly failed. Mode is not changed. He showed his essence in this court. Judges are appointed by the president. And they are, of course, not to the people, and the president.
And public record association that serves the interests of democracy, human rights, political rights, of course, no one will. It is not profitable to them. "
Meanwhile motion creators spent (on This time Zaslavl) another constituent assembly and transferred to the Ministry of Justice a new set of documents for registration.
Viktor Kornienko, one of the founders of the movement, so explain these actions:
"We decided to systematically, deliberately, whenever after, how to carry out assembly, apply for registration.
This is the caseetsya not in order to convince the authorities that we are law-abiding citizens and to show and to society, and representatives of various institutions zabugornyh stupidity of our government.
That’s our goal. Now so to speak, held the second round, after the Ministry of Justice. Will follow. "

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