Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. July 20

Part 1:

• News Digest forward to.
• Report from the opening of the exhibition "Through the centuries before Hutten-Czapski graphs"
• Chat conference on literary topics, which was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk
• "Night siege"
• Weekly video review Maxim Zhbankova
• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and the "new heaven"
2nd part:

• Interview with the Chairman Rechitskoye department BPF Valery Putitskom
• Mobing — mechanisms and survival techniques of collective dissent
• Survey on the streets of Minsk: For that you could survive a person from the team?
• «Night rap." "Fairy tales for adults" Peter Vasyuchenko

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