Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. September 18

Part 1:

• News Digest forward to.
• Talk with the Monday winner "Win the book" Freedom "Dmitry Pankovtsom from Minsk.
• Talk with a medical history of Sciences, one of the initiators of the Grodno referendum on the preservation of historic buildings Ales Smolensk.
• Survey in Grodno: "The city is prettier and prettier"
• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and the "new heaven".
2nd part:

• Igor Kuznetsov: "We must remember that this 1937"
• Anniversary disaster: flowers at the stone with the inscription "I’m sorry"
• Dmitry Podberezskaya takes Belarusian network "night of the siege"
• Research Canadians in Belarus: human milk does not help asthma
• «Night rap." "Fairy tales for adults" reads Peter Vasyuchenko.

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