G.Paganyayla: Was residence — will check

Citizens will regitsya locally constant residence or temporary residence. It should be called, for example, to the head ZhESa. Initially submit the necessary documents, and later get a passport with a stamp on the residence registration certificate or residence registration.
But citizens should not engage in discharge. Registration Authority is the institution of the Interior.
Get registration will be from 3 to 13 days
Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Alex Runner explained the difference between registration of residence.
"Registration changed with 2 institutes — Institute of residence registration and registration of temporary residence. Various things. If registration at the place of residence is unchanged, the registration at the place of stay is temporary. It is necessary for people who move to another location on for more than 1 month. "
Registration can be obtained within three days when a citizen he has collected all the necessary documents. Or thirteen days, if they are engaged in a bureaucrat.
To get a job, rather temporary registration
As influences on employability profile? Sovereign Runner said:
"If you move to the city, then there must first register and then have to handle. But we also have a decision of the Constitutional Court this issue, which does not restrict the right of citizens to seek employment wherever he wishes. Regardless of the residence registration. "
But to get a job can be only after the registration of temporary residence.
Not so long ago, to get a job in Minsk, Mrs. Olga had to buy a residence. How much does it cost?
"In Minsk 500-550 bucks, and the country from 350 to 500. Even the cleaning lady get — need registration or Minsk Minsk region. Maybe whereupon the new law is not so do not pay enough will need to for registration. Maybe these configurations introduced, so as not to pay people. It is not cheap — once a year to pay so much. "
G.Pogonyaylo: "What comes from the pen of Lukashenko, ensures the existence of a bureaucratic country"
Registration may be refused. For example, if after the registration of the citizen security with a total area of residential premises will be least 15 square meters per 1 person. Minsk — less than 20 square meters.
According to a member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, lawyer Harry Pahanyajla, registration not provide constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of movement and choice of place of residence:
"What comes from the pen of Alexander Lukashenko, ensures the existence of the bureaucratic totalitarian country. Because for the people and not one honey, and second, not radish. Was residence, impose registration. Fact that we define today’s leaders due to another tortured red tape. "

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