God — not the calf create rogues

The theme of this issue — the election campaign in the House of Representatives. The main day of voting — September 28, but hundreds of thousands of voters under pressure from the authorities went to the polls early.
Lyudmila, Minsk: "Somehow listening presentation by Olga Abramova. Only heard:" I, I, I, I … " God is not the Tell, sees the rogues. "
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Today, 25 September, I finally saw the candidates fighting for votes in the house where I live. At 11:00 Kalyakina team putting up their flyers with color portrait of the candidate. But portraits Kalyakina flaunted long. A few hours later there was a command and its candidate Polyanskaya leaflets taped all! Including flyers Kalyakina. Once a candidate is not worried about the Resurrection. Maybe he is confident that this will become a deputy without fuss. "
September 23 began a premature vote. According to the CEC, for a day or three already voted almost 13% of voters.
SMS message from Ales from Polotsk: "Selects Lukashenko with the vertical, and people only vote."
Man: "At the voting power premature trying to drive as many people: the army, the police and students. Driven to premature voting systems. Stallion understand why it is done. Principal, who is there and how to vote — these voices will be given to candidates from power. Just because already so called democratic elections can not recognize, like it or wish Alexander G. ".
Zinoviev: "I think that" BelarusFilm "ever filmed these elections in the comedy" 17 Moments of early voting. "
Spades: "These elections again showed all gnilasts Lukashism. Opposition many times met to decide to take part in elections to the" tent. "And the people, the majority of people just disregard the elections. Forced go to premature. Coercion? And where is the responsibility for the fate of the children, the grandchildren of our? People, what are you doing? "
Paul Davydenko: "Pochetaemye citizens of Belarus! Think how you fool these people elected in the elections. They needed a good income and manger. And voters for them — trash. This fraudsters."
On September 25, the web has information that the presidential administration agreed Tipo 5 opposition names that will appear in the House of Representatives: Anatoly Lewkowicz, Mikhalevich, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Valery Frolov and Vladimir Nistuk.
Sovereign Borisov: "I wish to reassure the European Union: We will certainly let the Chamber of Deputies 2-3 by democratic forces. But they, those two or three or five, will be able to do? Maybe cancel the contract system or return to old men, children, and unhealthy benefits? Or something against the authorities do?’m sure they will just sit there and watch, get water in your mouth. "
Stanislav, Ivantsevichy: "I am confident that the emperor was Lyaukovich Lukashenko necessarily shove in the" tent. "And for what reward us all clear."
Up commented parliamentary candidate Anatoly Lewkowicz:
"That said, even this citizen, for any awards, that would open a discussion. Anyway I can speak like this: whatever rewards are, but Anatoly Lewkowicz quarter century fought against Bolshevism, and now with this regime. There is a party he created, in which he was the founder. Because so pronounced, for me to shove that Lukashenko would be a subject for conversation. A person has a worldview, but one does not have disk imaging. "
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