Gold, Silver and … Blue Lions expect their own masters

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Immediately after the opening ceremony was shown first competitive film — "Vykuplenne" 35-year-old British director Joe Wright.
Romantic drama based on the novel by Ian Makyuena claims by critics views, not only on the merit of the prestigious festival, but even in the "Oscar". In the story, a 13-year-old blames the girl’s older sister of the groom’s own rape he did not commit. And it affects the fate of heresy heroes.
The main role — 22-year-old actress
Keira Knightley, which acquired popularity after starring in the movie of the same director’s "Pride and Prejudice". Keira Knightley thinks that it will add a brand new picture of Fame:
"When a person becomes famous, people no longer treat it as a real person. They forgets that in the midst of this" celebrity "is a person who tries to come to terms with their new status. And to" reconcile "the person ceases to read, to look, to build, hides its head in the sand — and this is the only method to preserve mental health. "
According to experts, this year very powerful competitive programm. It presents 22 tapes of 10 states — the U.S., Britain, Italy, France, China, Taiwan, Spain, the land of the rising sun, Egypt and Russia. Critics isolated from this list, in which seven British paintings, two movies related to the theme Iraq — Brian De Palma "edited" and Paul Hughes "In plain Elahi".
Jury awards, innovations
Strong competition and will evaluate the program from strong jury. This year, it is one hundred percent of the directors. So it was only once — and also at the Jubilee, the 50th, festival in 1982. Then the jury headed by Bernardo Bertaluchy. In This year chairman of the jury — Chinese master Zhang Yimou, who became world famous through the paintings "Raise reddish light", "History of Kew Ju" and "Not for the 1st less." Zhang Yimou with his Kratina a couple of times Venetian received Merit — gold and silver lions. By the way, at the moment working on a script Zhang opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games.
Two carriers highest merit Venetian Festival — "Golden Lion" — have become known for a long time before the festival. For his contribution to cinema noble "Golden Lion" will receive a South American film director Tim Burton, and the anniversary "Golden Lion — 75" reward famous Italian director Bernardo Bertaluchy.
Despite the fact that the festival is one of the oldest, yet, it develops. And almost every year offers innovations. This year’s films on the topic of homosexuality, as paintings of gay or lesbian in the title role will be able to claim a new prize "Blue Lion" ("Queer Lion").
Closes 11-day festival of Hong Kong-Taiwanese gangster thriller "Blood Brothers" by Aleksi Tana. This — a remake of John Woo movie "Bullet in the Head."

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