Gomel: another political prisoner

Upon written request of employees of local broadcasting company "Gomel" Zhukovsky "ripped off work" TV. Police officer assured that Zhukovsky read "on the colors and inflated, apart from the fact, on whiteRussian language. "
September 18 Konstantin Zhukovsky came to his office broadcasting company "Gomel" to complain about the biased coverage of events in the town.
Namely, the fact that the TV does not light tribute way of reprisals against local activists.
Central tribunal which is next to the broadcasting company, punished arrests based on trumped-up charges police youth activists Dmitry Zhaleznichenka and Andrew Tsyanyuta.
Since the book of comments and suggestions Konstantin Zhukovsky not given, he called the police, so she urged officials to implement the law and broadcasting company, namely directive head of state de-bureaucratization of the state apparatus.
But calling the police completed an administrative case against the very Zhukovsky.
Konstantin works in Gomel taxi driver. September 20 he received the phone call with a client street Farmer, 42, is hosting the Central police department Interior. If Zhukovsky came the call, the police detained him and positioned in the temporary detention facility. And now, the tribunal has fixed his three-day detention arrest.
First September Zhukovsky serving pyatsisutkavy arrest — Tipo for "foul language in a public place."

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