Gomel: From Attorney require a legal assessment of police actions

Police officers train police department Vladimir Gasimov, Igor Dyatlov and Anatoly Loy without warrants under threat and force the door forced open office space political party.
Please policemen Tipo motivate Guilty. After the invasion of the area of personal ownership Major Gasimov videotaped without the permission of the people present, internal rooms and technical equipment available.
Aborted had a meeting with a former prisoner of the Gulag, the pastor of the closed Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabila. About 10 participants, who did not have passports, were detained and delivered to the site.
Since such acts police systematically repeated in a statement UCP activist asks for a legal assessment of the actions of the police and at the same time to establish the identity, which, according to the police report that the office of the regional organization political party hides the offender or other illegal acts occur.
A copy of the chief prosecutor also focused Railway police department.

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