Gomel: re-classified or provosts policemen?

Andrew Tsyanyuta blame neprelichnoy abuse and illegal distribution of leaflets in support of honors Dmitry Zhaleznichenka, who was expelled from the institute named Scorina for social activities.
Andrew Tsyanyuta detention occurred in the structure of the Institute.
"Walked out the pro-rector of the Institute Hanenya grabbed me by the arm and led him into the office for himself. Wound up in the office, started read, so I showed him your passport. I replied," I do not know — who are you? Maybe a bandit? "And he is called militiamen began read that I swore. When I tried to leave, he grabbed me by the throat," — said Andrei Tsyanyuta.
In explaining the pro-rector Hanenya police claimed that he knew of the prohibition stick flyers in the wrong place, because the young man and detained.
By isolation youth activist involved and the first vice-rector Yuri Kulazhenko who called the police. However, in the explanations of the sovereign Kulazhenko does not mention that youth activist he scolded. Just read he was talking to someone on his cell phone and tried to run out of the office, but could not because the door was standing guard institute Gorbachev.
In the court of the emperor Tsyanyuta explained that speaks Belarusian language, in which there is no ugly battle. Because he could not swear.
Andrew Tsyanyuta 20 years. He is trained in absentia Agricultural Academy in Russia.
Referee Maria Domnenkov which considered two protocols on Tsyanyuta about abuse and distributing leaflets in support of expelled student, Faculty of Mathematics Institute Dmitry Zhaleznichenka tribunal postponed for tomorrow. This is due to the need to bring to the court for clarification vice-chancellors Hanene th Kulazhenko also guard Gorbachev.
Lawyer youth activist Peter Borisov said that the leaders of the Institute illegally detained Andrei Tsyanyuta.

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