Grodno: referendum on the old town reconstruction will not

Coordinated the process of creation active group and preparation for registration dakumentva Vadim Saranchukou managing urban branch of the BPF. Either did not disappoint his misfortune?
Locusts: "No disappointment. Refusal of registration — further evidence of the horror of the authorities to at least what all dissent and public protest, because that activities of the group, we filed a registration was quite small. "
Was the reaction of a specific control active group the Referendum doctor of historical sciences Ales Smolensk:
"The authorities just hunt preserve the passivity of the majority. Because they are essentially a manifestation of sabotaging public activity."
May be worth a try to find for the earlier understanding with local authorities, in order to have a better chance at their own initiative?
Smolenchuk "At a national seminar, which was held on September 13 in Minsk on the protection of monuments dilemma sounded from the lips of Mogilev, that really need to find common ground with the authorities. Mogilev they found him, because no excavations in the town did not occur without archaeological supervision and training excavations shorter one hundred percent abiding by the law on protection of monuments. Incidentally, Mogilev Region Executive Committee manages grodnenets Batura. "
At the same time the emperor Smolenchuk draws attention that such samples were made in Grodno.
Smolenchuk "Since 2005 such dialogue was sought, then the first appeal to the intelligentsia of Grodno authorities to which we have not received a response. There were several visits by the chairman of the executive committee of intellectuals, officials are constantly invited to the round table, send their offers. Eventually another project was designed to solve the transport prepyadstviya in the historic center. In response — complete disregard, in short, absolute nezhadanne go for a dialogue. And it is very surprising, because our city deserves completely different affairs officials to representatives of the urban intelligentsia. "

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