Grodno: Sell breweries can be, but not Russian …

Young Man: "I do not think will sell breweries — and it becomes easier to improve the quality of beer. It all depends on us. Brief: to sell is not: let it be your beer."
Man: "If Western companies that sell worth, that they are investing in our beer industry. Since she believe is on the verge of bankruptcy — Requests new technologies and equipment. A means, as usual, no. Need investor who invest means in our beer industry, and in the case of unpleasant Russians devour it to the ground — and she finishes in general exist. "
Young Man: "Factories can be disadvantageous to implement and" Krynica "," Olivariya "I think themselves can generate for themselves with neuvvyazkami: quality at their currently canceled. As for Grodno our brewery, then all agreed — it no longer exists. Again say, factories, are presently on his knees, can be realized. "
Man: "I think you need to raise a beer factory and sell or not — I did not know. That Belarus doing at the moment — quite wrongly. Our beer is not an ordinary Belarusian. Especially sad for Grodno Brewery: him so much years was, and it was closed. I think it’s because of an incorrect policy. "
Man: "The quality of Belarusian beer only improve. Indeed, foreign beers even more tasty — the best technology out there. Because breweries sell our need."
Youth"If the quality of our beer really improve, foreign capital — good. Only factories do not need to sell completely. But part of the capital shall be foreign — least fifty per cent, of course."
Man: "You have to sell. By As the last, half. After all, our breweries are dying. "
Young Man: "Belarusian beer I drink a little much: not much I like it. A factory sell? Necessary, maybe just to try to make a better quality beer. And if you sell, you need to choose well-known brands, well promoted — and then offer them. How for me, it just does not sell Russian factories. Therefore Our homeland that she sold all of its factories specifically to foreign companies, and because of this incremented volumes of beer. "

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