Guest night of freedom — Anastasia Azarko

People on the streets of Grodno utter than female politician differs from male politician?
The theme of "Night of research" — Belarusian online auctions. Some are very busy people tell about their own experiences of shopping via the web.
In addition — reports from the exhibition of young painters "Famous names in Belarus", with the presentation of the literary magazine "Between" and abandoned underpass in Vitebsk, where settled carp, an interview with the organizer of the Belarusian rock festival in Lutsk and another winner of our new contest "Win book "Freedom" Vladimir Krawcewicz, a longshoreman from Grodno tobacco factory.
In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of the "Palace", and "Night Primer" again will feature poems Pachkovskay Violetta.
After the 23rd hour — review letters for "Freedom", portraits of activists "Junior Front"Who were tried on criminal charges, the transfer of" Examination of Liberty "on" Will do Neighbourhood Belarus with the European Union? " And Paul’s record policy responses to questions from participants Sevyarinets online conference on the website of "Freedom".
From 22 hours — in the air "Freedom" and the Web.

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