Guest Night of Freedom — Lavon Barshcheuski

People on the streets of Minsk utter that, in their opinion, should be changed in the school education system?
In "Night studies" now — the situation with the Belarusian-language education to the new school year — in the whole country, and in some regions. A ancestors students from Grodno utter, whether they want to give their own kids in the Belarusian-language class.
In addition report on the cleanup of the Young Baranovichi restoring memorial symbol victims victims of Stalinist repression, and the doctor’s advice, as through taking care of their own bone zastseragchysya diabetes?
The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of the musical heritage of Mateja Radziwill, and "Night Primer" again will feature poems Ales Klyshko.
After the 23rd hour — review letters for "Freedom", the transfer of the "Journey of Freedom" about the village Volkolata Dokshitsky district, "Examination of Freedom" about the prospects of privatization of municipal property and record the responses of Belarus Svetlana Aleksievich questions visitors to our web site.
From 22 hours — in the air "Freedom" and the Web.

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