Half a million votes

Premature vote: already about half a million voters

Most activity in the premature vote recorded as in the first day, in Vitebsk and Gomel regions, minimal — in Grodno.
"Director of the orphanage forced to vote early"
By Misha Vasilevsky from Minsk, in the 3rd hostel organization "Belsantehmantazh-2", which is located at Lane Sofia Kovalevskaya, 61 inmates are forced to vote early.
Nikolai Lozovik not believe
At the polling station number 528 number 106 Kolas district of Minsk has voted more than 50% of voters. This was said in a district election commission.

Official numbers understate?

In 2004, according to the CEC role in premature vote was 17.39% of voters. In Minsk and Minsk region early vote more than 20%. Are independent observers noted that these numbers have been understated.
Record set Minsk students — 39 percent
Power consumed premature vote as one of the main methods of election fraud, says political council presidium SLM

"Dead Souls" on elections
Sergey Ponomarev in 2006 was discharged from the dumpling. But former adresok now sent a message that he needs to come and vote at Kleck, Victory Street, ninety-ninth
900 foreign observers
Today in Belarus is about 900 long-and the short-term international observers who have been accredited and stalk the election campaign.
The deputy wanted to vote for her mother

Candidate for deputy and acting member of the House of Representatives voted to Tatiana Osmolovskaya first day of early voting and tried to do the same for his mother.

Results of 2-days early voting areas:
Brest … 6.3%
Vitebsk ………….. 8.3%
Grodno …… 5.8%
Gomel ………. 7.7%
Mogilevsky ………. 7.3%
Minsk ……………. 7.5%
Minsk ………………… 6.2%

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