Heat: win beer producers and traders Kondyukov

Belarusians or adapted for life and work in the criteria for the heat?
If the owners of modern cars filled with climate-control system, on its own desire can create artificially in car interiors virtually any weather, the passengers of public transport travel to "steel containers" as in mobile steam room. 30 degree heat in the street truck added hot "passenger" degrees. No model trolleybuses, buses, trams, made in Belarus, not kandytsyyavana. In general, public transport in the winter other skraynasts — subzero temperature. Ascertain how physicians in the bulk of the anomalous heat hospitals — people with heart and susudistymi nevralyagichnymi diseases. Many of the hospitalized stuffiness and omissions freshest air fainted right on the workplace and industrial and office space in Belarus usually are not air conditioned.
Over the roads — a cloud of smoke
In various locations of the country These days are observed smoke peatlands. Near Minsk on Volozhin machine direction moving through the true smoke congestion. But a spokesman Vitaly Novitsky MOE says that the situation is under control:
"There are increasing number of errant fire in natural ecosystems, but the total number of their very insignificance. All on the initial stage of any liquidated and no global problems. During the last day we had a fire 21 in the country in these ecosystems. Obviously, the smoke will be here and nowhere anywhere. But no severe problems there, although all the waiting that the anomalous heat something can happen. No, everything is normal. "
Fact,-adds Vitaly Novitsky — after long-term nature of heat usually prepares other surprises — first in the form of severe thunderstorms and hurricanes.
Beer consumption is tied to the ambient temperature
Who benefited from the extreme heat, because it is the producers of soft drinks, juices and — first — beer. Estimated professionals weekly water consumption has grown at least three times, if you associate with the same, cooler period. Reads one of the representatives of Rechitsky brewery:
"All right — do not hesitate. General situation is proportional: the temperature, the weather criterion consumption depends directly. And at the moment the weather is not just hot, and duhotnae. So that’s when stuffiness, while beer is excellent in general, for all positions — and razlivnoe and bottles and PET. All magically spreads, in particular — to razliv. Naturally, it is more sensitive to the climatic configuration. duhotna After all, if a person drinks at the bar NOT glass, and three glasses — as an option. "
Into the hands of traders and heat climatic equipment. In one of the Minsk companies told me that days are sold to the same household Kondyukov as for the whole of July. Not at all it scares buyers and uncertainty of the situation, voiced by the city authorities about abuse with "neestytychnymi drawers" Kondyukov facades of buildings.

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