How acute the problem of domestic violence in Belarus?

Manager knows the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Catherine Samusenkova-Shelehava:
"If you take the statistics in 2006, the victims of domestic crimes in 75% of cases are ladies. This refers to at least some violence — mental, physical. Tortured exposed 24% killing hazard — almost 50%. Murder is 5%. "
According to statistics of Ministry of Internal Affairs, for 6 months in 2007 were victims of domestic violence found 1,380 people. In other words, as instituted criminal cases. And how many thousands of ladies suffer without resorting to the police — to calculate unrealistic.
Violence has no boundaries
One of the favorites of women’s movement Nina Stuzhinskaya expressed such a world:
"Every third lady, that has SNM» fight-or w frenda collides with the problem of domestic violence. Since our man, completely subject to the will of others in society, at work, he comes home and all its own negative voltage which pours? At his wife. "
Domestic violence has no cultural or social or economic boundaries. According to statistics, 80% of women who were treated at a crisis center, have higher education. Psychologist Minsk city center of social assistance to families and children» and Jeanne Miscavige is convinced:
"Violence in the family» and we exist regardless of a person’s education, regardless of age, position, means. It does not matter. In almost all seven wells» is violence, in the same MPs ".
Suffer and Babes
With regard to legislation, the Criminal Code does not such thing as a "domestic violence» and". Although the draft law on the prevention and cessation of domestic violence was developed in 2002, but This time modify it.
But many» seven wells suffer not only the ladies. In particular painfully domestic violence kids, says lawyer Galina Leonova, spices in the field of juvenile justice:
"This sura» seriously drafting this law was not and as you are aware, it is not and at the moment. And most importantly — not even in Belarus is discussed the establishment of a post of commissioner for human baby. If this problem was the focus of attention, and would be looking for ways to solve. "
"It’s not so much mental as social problem"
In Belarus there are three crisis center somewhere» and, thus, under the auspices of non-governmental organizations. Once in Minsk was a temporary shelter for women — victims of domestic violence, but the funding was from foreign sponsors. Project completed — a shelter because of financial problems closed. Psychologist Jeanne Miscavige says:
"It’s not so much mental as social problem: say, I can not live without a man and his real support." Where did she go? Apartment for him. In-2, some — drunk, got into a fight, later calmed down, brought the money.
Another reason — the lady does not know how to fend for themselves, uncertain, can not protect themselves, because it is not trained mechanism to protect themselves, to say the rapist "no" and stand up for themselves. "
Why person terrorizing family» yu go unpunished? Why is there a gender stereotypes, because that lady devoid their rights? Why is the government turns a blind eye to this dilemma? Why, in fact, Belarusian ladies suffer violence? Questions as statedcamping, rhetorical.
And at the end — advice from the ladies’ favorite motion Nina Stuzhinskaya:
"I do not understand those women who shake men. Do not need to linger long at the rapist, let it be moral or physical abuser. "
Will izymatelstvo for ladies over criminality?, 6.09.2007

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