How do we explain the Chernobyl children?

July 31 at Allen Dulles airport in Washington, our family tearfully said goodbye to Sasha (12 years old) and his sister Angelina (14 years). It was the sixth summer, when the pair of beautiful, savvy kids made happy our family own kindness and zhytstsyaradasnastsyu. They come to the humanitarian project, which began a couple of years after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, thousands of kids leave their homes and move to Belarus on a summer holiday in the country as guests with untainted air, good food, and severe medical service.

Tanya Kozyro family Zapata
These kids do not live in orphanages in Belarus — most of them have parents who love them, but that hard life into account the economic, physical and psychological devastation committed by the Chernobyl disaster. Third Belarus was contaminated by radiation, which continues today and harms children as the highest number of defects of development, disease and thyroid cancer levkemiyu. In Belarus One of the most great features of suicide in Eastern Europe and the very highest rate of alcoholism among the population. Babes suffer from this more than who. Shastsitydnevy rest in other countries allows them "cleansed of harmful substances" — to eat healthier food, breathe air untainted and fun to spend time in and committed to a non-hazardous environment. Their ancestors trust us own beloved kids — that we guarantee them security, medical and dental service, hard to reach them at home, and brought them back to the promised time.

Zapata family decision was the fact that just afraid of all the families that have adopted kids …

August 5 of the families in Petaluma, California, which for a long time involved in the Chernobyl program there, decided that their guest — a woman from Belarus Tanya Kozyro — will not return. It was the ninth furlough Thani family Zapata. Of circumstances, recognizable only to them, not looking for other ways to help Tanya, they decided to hire a lawyer, spices in immigration matters, and later, without telling any of the Belarusian group guardians or managers applets, they just have not brought Tanya to the airport, where she was fly to Belarus together with a group of 24 kids and 2 adults patron. This decision was the fact that just afraid all the families that have adopted kids: Stop programs from the whole not only in the United States and in other countries.
Any breach of contract with the organization in Belarus, which arranges trips abroad kids, turns loss license for this organization, the penalty for the suspension of all trustees and recreation programs. Zapata knew about these consequences. Debra Zapata was in the council of the local programs from Chernobyl and other families informed about their obligation to return the kids at a certain time. Zapata and grandmother Thani agreed on a specific date to return the girls, which was proved by their hands signatures on the contract. The date established for Tanya and Zapata was day August 5, 2008

Relatives Thani Kozyro Borisov
In my opinion, Zapata did not justify the confidence of all the families who participated in the program, both American and Belarusian. Their lawyers say that the visa Thani true until December 5, such makarom giving to realize that it can stay right up to addition time. Yes, such a common practice that visas for the children at all really and after a certain date of their departure, as a measure of caution in case b handy unexpected healing. Only legitimate guardians of Belarus have the right to change the return date, but only in cases when it is necessary for healing, and if it agrees to the family baby.

If underage South American kid was arrested in a similar manner, the reaction of the South American government would be strong …

Lawyer Zapata also states that neither Tanya nor Zapata family is not to blame for the suspension of summer recreation programs and povinet Belarusian government. But of course, that if underage South American kid in zabugornoy programmke exchange was delayed in a similar manner, the reaction of the South American government would be instant and decisive.
Zapata — the only South American family in the 17-year history of the program that have ventured on such a step. They do not have a legitimate right to make decisions for this underage girl. So, Tanya comes from a poor family, who lives in severe circumstances, it may also be that in the environment, dirt radiation. But all the kids live in Chernobyl languid circumstances marked by poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction, disease, broken families, lacking food and other obstacles to the best of life. Just so that’s eight states take thousands of kids from the region every summer. At the moment, the act of one family can put an end to this charitable work.

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