How many houses are built on the culture of the destroyed churches …

"Orsha Bulletin" on this week 1917 report from St. Petersburg, "September 1. A 7 pm Mogilev garrison declared himself completely subordinate to the interim government. And the 10th hour of the evening arrested generals Kornilov Lukomskii Romanovsky and Colonel Plyushchevski-Plyushchyk. A 11th hour of the evening in Mogilev left the commission of inquiry headed by Attorney Shablovskaya. "
"Nowe Zycie", year 1927. The newspaper wrote: "Since the beginning of the new school year in Grodno should appear brand new cultural ground, artistic activities which will be for our town of utmost importance. Lviv Institute of Music, one of a very old and very honored music schools in the country, began to base its own branches in Grodno, already seventh on a chair … In our town adds an important institution, the purpose of which will be the introduction of musical culture in the widest circles of our society … "
On the pages of "Culture" on this week 1997 playwright from the village Schwab Lahoisk district Nikolai Zakharenko expressed followed: "The Cultural village life dies not only awkward because the monetary policy of the country in respect of this culture, but also because of the seventy years of Soviet-Bolshevik tradition. should not forget about the history of the emergence of many houses of culture … It would be interesting to look statistics — how many houses built on crops destroyed churches. Here I see the sacred meaning. "

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