How much is a customs declaration for the Belarusian language?

Formally sovereign Semenov fined for disobedience customs inspectors at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.
As told Sergei Semenov, 21 August, he took the train to Ukraine.
At the border station Teryuha Gomel Customs Chief Inspector Basil Afonchenko sought his declaration. Sovereign Semenov said that oral ready to say about their own personal things that are in the bag.
But the inspector claimed a written declaration.
In turn, Sergei Semenov asked for a customs declaration form is not in Russia, and Belarusian language, as the language of the country he knows adjacent imperfect. You can call an interpreter if no forms of Belarusian said Semyonov.
In response, the customs officer was on youth activist Protocol on Article 23.4 of the new Administrative Code — disobedience of legitimate orders or request of an official in the performance of official obligations.
For it provides a penalty of 20 to 50 baselines.
"The hearing is also conducted in the Russian language"
Customs officers watched things activist and immediately warned that on August 30 he must appear before the tribunal of the Central district.
Referee Domnenkov fined sovereign Semenov 30 baselines (equivalent is 433 bucks U.S.).

S.Semenov: "I will appeal the ruling, because it does not believe that the referee realized explanation."

"I will appeal the ruling, because it does not believe that the referee realized clarification. Court session was also conducted on Russian language, and explanations I gave in Belarusian, "- said Sergey Semenov.
Earlier sovereign Semenova detained at the border that he was on the passport sticker emblem Chase.

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