How to see BT, it hurts the soul of bureaucratic nonsense

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Zinoviev: "Emotions, not counting" And in our room are sitting lukashisty "view prezydentury not cause."
Man: "Honey" Freedom, "tell me what happened for inflation, the dollar and the ruble fell this unfortunate … And the prices grow on foods, all grows. Where do we come? How much does it will continuesmiling? If he wants to lift the economy, let all the luck in Kurapaty! All the same they are classified. And he runs these babies that with flag … "
Nicholas, Brest: "Until Milinkevich wish to address. Alexander, cancel a march on October 14. Did we were not quite dead when 52 people were killed innocently. And at the moment on the Protection of the mother of God you want to spend this procession. Cancel it, Alexander. "
Constant listener: "I have known work Hasek where Shveyk during his stay in the village met the woman. Drove her through the fields and told her village wench it rye, wheat is.’s Something even in the worst case, was now "Dazhynki" when Lukashenka’s speech showed. Worst of insanity I do not beheld. Sobral professionals, advanced people and for 2-or 3 hours telling them what agriculture … "
Man: "Here I listened to at the moment speech Stanislav Shushkevich Stanislavovitch. Praise God. Which stately brain and conscience! First, a big request to Alexander Lukashuk to issue at least a booklet with questions and answers Stanislav Shushkevich for the general reader. Since I would said, it is such a Bible for our people. This first. 2nd. Suppose he answered the question that always comes in mind. As it is still in agricultural towns? Either they do not resemble the Prussian settlements, farms, which led the economy in Prussia? "
Davydenko Paul Parichi "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "I occasionally look like Belarusian Television, the heart aches because of bureaucratic nonsense and show. Where are the men of salaries and pensions of workers, the elderly and the disabled. Bureaucratic To gain power. In town Parichi restaurant sheathed evravagonkay. Currently all before Dazhynki crush, thrashed. So can only do authorities toadies who feel with impunity. "
Man: "Your transmission heard the good news that the chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich read on whiteRussian language and that she would now like to be protected, will be protected. I thought about it at this point, what can the chairman of the Constitutional Court of risk, because the president of our language somehow neafitsyyna declared person non grata. So would not it be for him any nasty consequences? Either this is our president to rethink his native state language? "
Man: "Unfortunately, not a lot we do in Belarus progressive, democratic-minded youth. Much of it, unfortunately, elects to drink beer and other low-grade and affordable swipes. At what our" brave "the police will not touch them. Let take to drink. Our police are stretched out to chase the Young and the other opposition. And about who such Seviarynets Paul, Zmitrok Dashkevich Anastasia Azarko whether, in this part of our young people have no concept. Here is a young and need our current regime, such as easier manage. Such can be controlled on a "flock of sheep" — where they hunt, and there they will run. When higher than spoken concerns not only our young people, and more people stalyag age. "
Madam, Mogilev: "Totally the president’s health have no need to hide information about the state of their health. A ailing president, like he did not try to hide their illness, can be calculated by his appearance — complexion, eye expression, tone of voice, posture, general expression persons sedentary lifestyle. Besides, perfectly healthy prepyadstviya any president trying not to hoard, but to solve. "
Man: "The program" Prague accent ‘role Khadika and other interlocutors voiced this version: successor to Cambridge or Harvard trained first. I wish to see, there. Least, need to know the British language. And this kind of people who know only "get off the language," for example, "fleas ushyvyya" etc., can not never learn no, not counting "kuz’kinu language."

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