I. Rinkevich: Verdict Kozulin remains illegal

With the entry into force of the sentence Alexander Kozulin was the year in which the party tried to challenge Kozulin sentence in higher courts, but without result. Belarusian Themis believes that Kozulin guilty of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots that evidence of this is pretty, in fact come to an end. Previous lawyer Kozulin Igor Rynkevich thinks differently:
"Protecting Alexander Kozulin hitherto considers verdict unreasonable and illegal, as well as the appeal decision, which took on 19 September. Remind you that if any of the 1st issue of the arbitrators have not appeared. At the same time the judge did not allow himself to Kozulin his complaint and did not satisfy the a number of other applications. For example, the accession to the case file recording process at the Metropolitan Court. "
A day or two ancestors Alexander Kozulin came to Minsk Detention Centre Valadarski Street to visit son, but it has already taken to Vitsebsk colony. Vladislav A. Kozulin remembers all the details of a day or.
"You know, every day my wife and I think about it, but do not know how it promote. Both unhealthy, I’m so out of the house in general hardly go out. "
At the last meeting with the lawyer in a remand prison Alexander Kozulin warned that next month will begin hunger strike to protest against the government of Alexander Lukashenko, the legitimacy of which, Kozulin, was completed in October 2006. Politician kept his word. He hunger strike a day or 53. Later in the UN Security Council raised the issue of violations Human Rights in Belarus.
Consequences of long-term hunger strike Alexander Kozulin feels to This time — he has not returned to its former weight, doctors found he had a number of diseases. But the spirit of Alexander Kozulin not become weaker — note all those who met him for the this year: Relatives, lawyers, foreign diplomats. Even the staff of the prison administration recognize that he has a strong character. "Feels like a usual cheerful" — sometimes reported reporters Kozulin head of the colony. But with all this over the past year on Alexander Kozulin colony imposed for three penalties in including deprived of family visits and denied a request to have a public defender Igor Rinkevich.
Can Alexander Kozulin to be released early? In May, his family heard rumors that it will soon Tipo pardoned and freed. Wife Ira Kazulina even recommended to write to the President for clemency. But she wrote to the administration only valid request to reconsider the case. Rumors about the release have not been confirmed.
"I even called and says that here in the Congress of Democratic Forces, he will participate. But the authorities took a huge fig and showed everyone. Because more than any promises, and I do not believe the rumors."
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