I.Vidanava: I believe that education should be a mental challenge and pleasure immediately

A year earlier I returned from distant countries, where she received the second higher education. Study leave was deliberate and conscious decision, because I felt shortage of knowledge in the area, which was reincarnated from a hobby into a profession. I believe that is never too late to learn something new, and education must mental challenge and pleasure at once.
I feel confidently in various parts of the world, in the west and the east, but I believe that I belong to Belarus because the decision to return was completely natural.
I was amazed and even offended that many of my colleagues, friends and even relatives believe that will not be back. From time to time, lost and did not know what to say. Burst: "Do not you realize? There — curious, comfortable, quiet … Here is my place. Way I will gladly vorachivatsya, meet with friends, travel, implement joint projects. This heart is calling. There — it is temporary. Here — forever. "
I believe that an active and creative person is able to realize their ideas, even in very adverse criteria. Maybe it says my more youthful naivete or natural optimism, but very hunt to act thirst and faith in victory is never lost.
I know that I will do a lot of mistakes that I will be disappointed and fluctuate, but I am convinced that it is worth trying, finding unconventional solutions and believe in success, so do not regret later unused capacity and not to incriminate others in its luzerstva.
I believe that any one of us individually able to do much, but together we can do more.
I believe in our team, where everyone — colorful feature, but we are all united by one thing.
I believe in my family who always love and support, no matter what.
I believe that one day will be the state of Belarus, where everyone will feel freedom and dignity, where history will know and appreciate and be proud of modernity, which will coexist harmoniously western and eastern worlds.
Belarus will of the state for what it is in my soul and in my beliefs.

Ira Vidanova — historian, independent analyst of modern youth masmedyynyh projects. Lives in Minsk.

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