If now we do not imprison Gonchar, tomorrow he put us

On the pages of "Russian Belarus" in 1977, readers of discussions are draft Constitution of the USSR. S.Vasilevski, working Slonim avtakaleny 2450, offers: "deeply sorry to hear some people from different kinds of funny stories and other inventions, which hurt our system and our Russian reality. I wish that in Art. 50th was recorded directly "Distribution in at least some form of innuendo on our reality is punishable by law."
In 1987, "Evening Minsk" Victor Kovalenko wrote for the 60th anniversary Ales Adamovich "Recent years writer with a special ecstasy and inner conviction developed the problem of "new thinking" in the literature or "zvyshlitaratury." Under these definitions assumed hypersensitivity artistic expression to the progress of human thought in the era of danger of all life on earth in a probable nuclear war … Recognizable Russian critic referred I.Dyadkov this trait in a creative form Adamovich "incendiary consistency" … "
On This week in 1997 Alexander Tomkovich in "free news" insists: "Gonchar young, moderately mercenary, principled. He knows how to take a punch. There are people who will help him. Style plus a man who did not give up before the referendum. That’s why it’s best to neutralize Gonchar now. Tomorrow may be too late. Because opening criminal case completely logical that if we are not imprison Gonchar, he put us tomorrow. "

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