IF-X — a promising fighter Indonesia will create their own

IF-X - a promising fighter Indonesia will create their own
Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense wants to continue independent development of promising fighter IF-X (part of a joint project with South Korea KF-X/IF-X), reports Jane’s.
Such a decision was announced first in July 2013 soon after the South Korean government announced the suspension of the programs from their own. BACKGROUND pause project not specified; presumably the reason for this was the lack of defense budget.
July 6, 2013 meeting accomplished the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia and the Indonesian company PT Dirgantara Indonesia, after which the company announced its readiness to proceed to the second step of the creation of the combat aircraft — development works.
According PTDI, the first step of the project — scientific research — conducted in the past 18 months and successfully completed in December 2012.
Project promising fighter KF-X/IF-X officially launched in August 2012, when Indonesia and South Korea signed an agreement on joint development of the aircraft.
But the work carried out within the framework of programs from before. Under the agreement, Indonesia fraction fighter in the project should reach 20%, the South Korean government — 60%, and the Korean company KAI — 20%.
All programm is estimated at about $ 5 billion that South Korea stop their role in the project KF-X/IF-X in March 2013 announced the Korean defense procurement management (DAPA).
Suspension term is 18 months; Korean government wants to resume a role in the program with the creation of combat aircraft in June 2014. Indonesia considers aaplet IF-X as a priority.
According to the Ministry of Defense, a promising fighter can become vsepolnotsennym rival warplanes fourth and fifth generations coming or planned to enter service in the Asia-Pacific region.
In addition, the project is considered to be very crucial for the state military-industrial complex, which will be able to acquire new technology.

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