Igor Kuznetsov: We must remember that this 1937

Exactly 70 years ago Belarus unfolded most violent terror Russian authorities against the people of the country. Only 29 October Kurapaty were killed outright 22 Belarusian writers.
Historian Igor Kuznetsov his speech on "Minsk time of Stalin’s repression" tied specifically to the current funny day:
"This meeting — a reminder of what was, and about what it led to. This parallel with the current funny day. Then there wasand other forms, and still is going on violence against the person. "

Panellists received book "Kurapaty" Article Poznyak and documents research conducted in Kurapaty. And most importantly — gathered in the office of the TBM had the opportunity to ask questions of the scientists.
Reporter: "Why are you here now?"
Lady: "I Litvinov Lyudmila came here as the subject of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus is very critical, but artificially muted. I believe that it be known society, but it also silent. "
Lady: "We do not know everything, what happened. And still not made any conclusions from what happened. And the current administration even returns something of style those times. And it scares. "
On silencing authorities theme of political repression in Belarus Igor Kuznetsov also recalled:
"Do not perpetuate the memory of our citizens, not published book memory. And the most important thing, we must remember that it was, in fact already a new generation of people who do not know what 1937 Belarus . "
According to Kuznetsov, to this end, October 29, the 70th anniversary of the execution of Belarusian writers in Minsk will host a series of mourning.
Researchers Stalinist repression reminded that from August 1937 to November 1938 in Minsk only killed about 10 thousand people, and arrested up to 100 thousand. According to various reports, during this period was tortured in Belarus from 50 to 250 thousand people.

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