In a brand new album Pesnyary singing Farewell to the Fatherland in Russian

The repertoire is very diverse album, it includes both long-known songs like "Bewitched mine" or "my mother kut" and virtually unknown work, the creator of the music and lyrics of most of which is currently artistic director of the municipal "Pesniary" Vyacheslav Sharapov. Most of the songs sound in the Belarusian language. With all this Vyacheslav Sharapov stressed that this compilation album brings the result of the collective recovery period:
"Experience has shown that" Pesniary "necessary and in Belarus and in Russia, and probably throughout the former Soviet Union. Everywhere is needed, this genre is needed because at the time we perched on this heavy burden and accept it."
That "Pesnyary" truest?
Around that, whether the right, if at all possible today "Pesnyary" carry on, develop pledged Mulyavin tradition and hitherto maintained stubborn disputes. Some they say that on the very concept of death Mulyavin "Pesnyary" has lost all meaning, while others believe that the current team should not rehash the traditional "pesnyarovsko" repertoire, and find their careers.
Album "Raspavyadalnaya" with the emblem of modern "Pesniary" on the cover — way hurdy-gurdy — hardly gives an answer. Faster it raises new questions.
For example, there is an album version and the famous Chapel Cleophas Oginski Polonaise Michal, which sounds on Russian language. Recalling the words creator incident in which was written the melody, I asked, is it ok?
"Fact, that at one time Russian ruler forgave him — said Vyacheslav Sharapov. — It-1 in x. In-2, he has Russian roots, origins from Smolensk. Third thing: since all the same in the post-Russian is the language of international communication, we can convey this meaning extensive. Incidentally, at this point already exists Polish-language version of the Polonaise, it has already created. The plans we want to do and the Belarusian version. "
As it turned out, the Belarusian-language version of this work on poems by Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha Vyacheslav Sharapov never heard.
Vyacheslav Sharapov, "We have the right delegated to our people"
As it happened, after Vladimir Mulyavin death scenes on the main Belarus and Russia are the three groups who use the title "Pesnyary". With all of this Leonid Bortkiewicz registered in Russia for the title of the patent, according to which the Belarusian city ensemble Tipo has no right to speak in Russia under the name of "Pesniary." Vyacheslav Sharapov explained to the situation:
"The issue of a patent for this title is quite controversial, because, frankly, it was made way thieves. People who at the time were no longer working in the ensemble and know where the keys to the safe, took a certificate issued time Mulyavin and went to Moscow. Zaregat in "Rospatent" nationwide and announced that they were currently on the territory of Russia are the heirs of all and work there.
I wish to say that on territory of Russia or Ukraine on the ground or on the terrain of other countries, we have never had any problems associated with this issue. We have rights delegated by our state delegated accordingly our people. "
The plans of the municipal "Pesniary" — record new albums on the verses Yanka Kupala Belarusian poets of the XIX century, programs new arrangements of folk songs and works written bandmembers.

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